FRONTLINE – State Of Rock [AOR Heaven digitally remastered +2] (2018)

FRONTLINE - State Of Rock [AOR Heaven digitally remastered +2] (2018) full

The legendary and nowadays hard to get FRONTLINE debut from 1994 “State Of Rock” again sees the light of day again by the hand of AOR Heaven Records, fully digitally remastered and including two bonus tracks.

Frontline is considered a Melodic Hard Rock institution, and one of the best exponents from the genre ever coming out from Germany. For many – including myself – this debut “State Of Rock”is their finest moment, with a touch of ’80s AOR all over the polished melodies.

Frontman Stefan Kämmerer (the guy that Journey should’ve gotten to replace Steve Perry) has got a unique voice that perfectly fits the songs, plenty of slick guitar riffs / solos, keyboard swirls and catchy choruses.
Some of these songs are astounding to say the least. Tell me you don’t get shivers down the spine after listen to ‘Another Love’. The verses just make you melt. What a monstrous song!

Elsewhere, ‘Heaven Knows’ and ‘The Night Comes Over You’ are immense slices of melodic hard rock, while the AORish ‘Endless’ sounds very much like a beefed up Stan Meissner track.
‘Dangerous Game’ is a pulse laden affair which has to-die-for staccato-like keyboards cascading throughout.

It’s almost criminal that these guys aren’t more well known. “State Of Rock” is a monster, BIG sounding Melodic Hard Rock beast from performances to ‘huge’ production.
Even more now with this superb digital remastering done by Frontline’s guitar player Robby Boebel, and limited to 1000 units only. Go for it before it’s too late.

01 – Heaven Knows
02 – The Night Comes over You
03 – Another Love
04 – Heaven Can’t Wait
05 – Endless
06 – Over and Out
07 – Dangerous Game
08 – Hold On
09 – I Have to Be Strong
10 – Victim of Madness
11 – It’s Not Over
12 – I’m Fallin’
13 – Alone

Stephan Kaemmerer – lead and backing vocals
Robby Boebel – guitars, keyboards
Thomas Riess – bass
Stephan Bayerlein – drums


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