DARKHORSE – Let It Ride [CD version +1]

DARKHORSE - Let It Ride [CD version +1] full

The Defiants (and ex Danger Danger) vocalist Paul Laine is working right now on a new album with his band DARKHORSE. One of you asked for a revisit of the band’s debut “Let It Ride” in its CD version, and we think it really worth it because there’s a poor & flat digital version floating the web.
The CD sounds great, and as plus you have here a bonus track.

Blending melodic hard rock and American roots rock into their catchy songs, the 10 song release has a bit of everything from upbeat songs you can dance to, to slower ballads that make you think.
It’s a really intriguing musical direction, but my interest with this album was piqued even more to hear Paul Laine singing again after many years.

So DarkHorse it’s Rock with a Country leaning, or Country with a gritty Rockin’ edge? To be honest, it’s both, so it’s irrelevant.
Though some people will be put off by the ‘Country’ description, at the heart of the music is pure and simple Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Laine said that the music of DarkHorse it was never intended as Country at the start, but these songs were in his heart and the lyrical content lends itself perfectly to the genre. Image wise, it’s more about jeans and black leather than cowboy hats and checked shirts.
To sum up, “Let It Ride” is melodic rock with a hard edge, spiced with ‘heavy’ Country / Americana in the way Tesla, Bon Jovi, Eagles and many more did in the past.
And one thing is for sure; it Rocks.

DARKHORSE - Let It Ride [CD version +1] disc
Just check the cut “In The Country”. You will hear that despite some slide guitar, you’re listening to a wonderfully catchy Melodic Rock anthem.
“I Wouldn’t Have Missed It For The World” and the ultra-melodious “Heaven Tonight” (a highlight) head down a similar road, with the former especially benefiting from some amazing guitar work and snappy solos from guitarist Steve Ohe.

Title track “Let It Ride” is a grittier-edged Rock orientated number that only leans toward the Country sound with the intermittent flurry of fiddle and banjo.
When it comes to the ballads, “What She Meant To Me” is unashamedly Eagles orientated with its lush harmonies and pedal steel, but “Goodbye” is a beautifully crafted power ballad that wouldn’t sound out of place on any Melodic Rock album on the Frontiers Records roster.

DARKHORSE - Let It Ride [CD version +1] back

“Let It Ride” is a very, very good Rock album; yes, I put ‘Rock’ because DarkHorse do not limited themselves to a single genre, yet everything sounds really classic… Rock. As said, you have Melodic Rock, Americana, Country, and edgy moments close to Hard Rock.
All songs are juicy, with substance, and we have the terrific Paul Laine giving us his wonderful pipes to enjoy. Danger Danger buddy Bruno Ravel is also on hand to assist with the mixing of the album, and it sounds amazing.
Super Recommended

01 – You Were the One (I Waited For)
02 – Better Days
03 – I Wouldn’t Have Missed It for the World
04 – Goodbye
05 – In the Country
06 – Heaven Tonight
07 – Strong
08 – Nowhere Fast
09 – What She Meant to Me
10 – Let It Ride
11 – You Were the One (I Waited For) [Acoustic Version]

Paul Laine – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards. Percussion
Steve Ohe – Guitars
Jason Bonnell – Bass
John Stoltz – Drums
mixed by Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger)


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