CROSSON – Invincible (2018)

CROSSON - Invincible (2018) full

Invincible” is the title of the new CROSSON album, the Australian band described by themselves as ‘Futuristic Theatrical Rock Warriors’. They were formed in 2004 in Sydney, fronted by leader Jason Crosson (guitar, vocals) backed up by a fantastic band.
The album was mixed by legendary producer Duane Baron (Motley Crue, Alice Cooper) and mastered by Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, KISS, Whitesnake).

The record gets under your skin like a time bomb ready to blow. It is catchy as it gets and leaves you with mega earworms burrowing into your brain. From the cocky assurance of ‘Rock Warriors’ to the ballsy ‘Rebel Train’, Crosson are firing on all cylinders.
The sound of this band is as fresh as it comes, with some ’80s Alice Cooper as reference.

Opener ‘Rock Warriors’ is an ode to the future and the past of hard rock. The band proudly wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve. Giving a nod to our metal heroes of the past (who for the most part are all still out there kicking ass) from Skid Row, Wasp, Kiss, Motley Crue and many more. One of many anthems that get’s “Invincible” kicked off rockin’ from the start.
‘Never Give Up’ – another fav of mine, has the band sounding like they just walked straight out of 1989’s Sunset Strip. A tasty little number full of background harmonies and a chorus that just won’t quit.

‘Success Needs No Apologies’ has a more metallic output with strong guitar work, ‘Hero’ starts off slowly, building up to another fine chorus which gives way the perfect guitar solo. It’s a track that will find you hitting repeat and longing for the ’80s .
Which hard rockin’ 80s themed rock ‘n roll band would be complete without a ballad? Crosson hits all the sweet spots with ‘Unconditional Love’, a duet with renowned Finnish singer / actress Jessica Wolff.

So far, Crosson new album is all about ’80s US hard rock style and sound.
Then in ‘Broken’ appears another facet from the band; glam rock. And I am not talking about 1986 glam / hard ala Motley Crue, but early Eighties glam in the old-school Hanoi Rocks. To my ears, this style doesn’t work that well for Crosson.

Title track is a slammin’, rockin’, balls to the wall rock n’ roll good anthem, while ‘Rebel Train’ is plenty of crunchy guitars, gang vocals, great chorus and some killer lead guitar.
With ‘Livin’ The Life’ appears another glammy number, and closer ‘Back To Hell’ is a rambunctious number that ends the album with some noise.

I really enjoyed Crosson’s “Invincible”. It’s all about ’80s culture – the band has a very flamboyant image – and they write some very catchy songs. They have fantastic melodies, harmonies and cool keyboard backing. The guitar work is pretty slick too, very Eighties in essence, but bang up to date.
On the negative side, Jason’s voice isn’t the stronger in the world, and the ‘vintage glam’ on some tracks are not so effective in my humble opinion, Crosson really shine at the melodic hard rockers. The first half of the CD is a blast, the second – ironically starting with a a song titled ‘Broken’ – decay a little.
Anyway, the band – and Jason Crosson as guitarist – are terrific, tight, and sound production is excellent. With some minor tweaks, Crosson could be the next Steel Panther. They have the chops for sure.
Very Recommended

01. Rock Warriors
02. Never Give Up
03. Success Needs No Apologies
04. Hero
05. Unconditional Love (feat. Jessica Wolff)
06. Broken
07. Invincible
08. Rebel Train
09. Livin’ The Life
10. Back To Hell


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