HEAVEN – Where Angels Fear To Tread [remastered +6]

HEAVEN - Where Angels Fear To Tread [remastered +6] full

Carry on with the requested HEAVEN album reissues remastered plus bonus tracks, here’s the also hard to find, out of print “Where Angels Fear To Tread“. This collectible CD is being sold at Amazon for £1,633 … go figure.

After their debut LP ‘Bent’ (titled Twilight Of Mischief in Australia), Heaven partially established in America, and returned in 1983 with “Where Angels Fear To Tread”, and the US market squarely in their sights. Quiet Riot busted loose earlier in the year with their Slade-ified bang-your-head mayhem, initiating a wild onslaught of hair bands gone wild.
Great vocalist Allan “Eddie” Fryer and his crew descended on neon lit Los Angeles in an effort to make their move. The Aussie power brokers were now under the managerial arm of a Hollywood agency, as the group hit Cherokee Studios with producer George Tutko (Journey, Le Roux).

“Where Eagles Fear To Tread”, indeed, sounds a lot like Quiet Riot in their Metal Health record, but there’s also many influences and stylings all over the LP. There’s a classic first half of the ’80s production, with rhythm guitars up in the mix driving the tunes, clear anthemic vocals, and punchy (clear) bass lines.
To give the album a ‘promotion pump’, the backing vocals from ‘The Voice of Rock’ Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio and Lita Ford accent selected tracks from the ten song recording.

Heaven break into hard-charged rollin’ with the big back beat of the title track ‘Where Eagles Fear To Tread’ into motion. Fryer sounds like Saxon’s frontman Biff Byford on the follow-up cut ‘Love Child’ (a Diana Ross & the Supremes hit made ‘metal’ by Heaven), while ‘Scream For Me’ has some Krokus in its riff.
Then the rowdy ‘Rock School’, which is augmented by Jimmy Zazla’s sax work and Fryer doin’ his best Bon Scott impersonation. A nasty, blues infested effort containing a killer riff to be played very loud or not at all.

They slightly change with ‘Don’t Mean Nothin’, a very melodic number which come off sounding like lost Helix track. One of my favorites.
The hit ‘n’ run collection of short, hard edged songs continues with the power riffed ‘Madness’, featuring back-up vocals from Lita Ford and Glen Hughes, and the tune bring to my mind a certain Waysted song.
‘She Stole My Heart’ benefits from Hughes’ pipes where he does much more than ‘backing’, next ‘You’ is a hot freight train roller with a big chorus, and the pounding, three-minute quick strike of ‘Sleeping Dogs’ brings “Where Eagles Fear To Tread” full circle.

HEAVEN - Where Angels Fear To Tread [remastered +6] back

This remastered reissue includes, among the bonus tracks, the previously unreleased “Boy’s Night Out”. It’s not clear when it was recorded, but I guess after this album due the synths included in the background. It’s a really good song with a strong Helix sound complete with cowbell and all the feel of 1985/6.
The rest are live recorded tracks from the previous, current and upcoming albums, well captured on tape.

“Where Angels Fear To Tread” is a kickin’, sweat soaked hard rockin’ record that deserved more airplay. Despite the quality riff-driven set of songs, Heaven failed to break out beyond mere cult status in the States, while an endless line of raunch ‘n’ rollers worked their way through the Sunset Strip sleaze rock shop assembly line.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Where Angels Fear To Tread
02 – Love Child
03 – Scream For Me
04 – Don’t Mean Nothin’
05 – Rock School
06 – Madness
07 – Hard Life
08 – She Stole My Heart
09 – You
10 – Sleeping Dogs
11 – Boy’s Night Out [previously unreleased]
12 – Take You Higher (Live)
13 – Suck City (Live)
14 – Scream For Me (Live)
15 – Don’t Mean Nothin’ (Live)
16 – Sleeping Dogs (Live)

Allan ‘Eddie’ Fryer – Vocals
Kelly – Lead Guitar
Mick Cocks – Rhythm Guitar
Laurie Marlow – Bass
Joe Turtur – Drums
additional vocals by Glenn Hughes, Lita Ford and Ronnie James Dio

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