VON HINER – The AOR Demos ; Pre-Production & More

VON HINER - The AOR Demos ; Pre-Production & More - full

Today we bring something special to all of you eager for some rare and exclusive material. And we’re talking about good, ’80s influenced Melodic Rock / AOR. “VON HINER – The AOR Demos ; Pre-Production & More” is a collection of songs recorded by young American musician VON HINER, a bunch of bombastic, anthemic stadium rock rockers.

This young American musician composes all of the music, perform the vocals, play all instruments and record / produce the whole thing at his own studio. Von Hiner influences are wide and varied, in fact he’s recording right now an electro-pop record.
But the songs in “Pre-Production & More” – which doesn’t sound like demos at all – are mostly AOR / Melodic Rock both in style and sonics. If the mega-overdubbed choruses of Def Leppard’s Hysteria still do it for ya, you’re gonna dig this dude.

Von Hiner resurrects here the super-slick, catchy anthems of the late ’80s when a zillion Def Leppard clones emerged trying to cop Mutt Lange’s songwriting and production techniques. And indeed the first thing that impress you is the excellent production / sound.
Yeah, there’s a Def Lepp feel in ‘Rip It Up’, the extremely catchy “Open Your Heart” or the power ballad ‘I Close My Eyes’. The influence, both in sound & style are undoubted. But you know? These are darn great songs!

The ridiculously catchy “Bring The Light” and the awesome midtempo “Miles Away” (not a Winger cover) have more AOR waves. Speaking about covers, here’s one: “Transformers” the movie theme recorded with the band Weslester as backing musicians. Pure ’80s stuff.

‘Devil Is Rock ‘N’ Roll’ is straightforward rocker based on crunchy guitars, then ‘Heaven Down’ and ‘Drowning It Out’ are both darker, still plenty of melody.

On ‘Jam’ Von Hiner does some experimentation over a thick guitar riff, some synths and effects, while ‘Rock It Tonight’ mix a fist-in-the-air anthemic rhythm with electronics. ‘Good Vibes’ add some acoustics alongside electronics as well, showcasing Von Hiner’s wide spectrum.

This guy is another proof – we have presented many here at the blog – that with talent and some skills, you can create really well produced songs by your own. Von Hiner also is a talented songwriter, and seems his dad ’80s LP collection made some effect on him.
Recorded during the last six years, most songs in this collection are super-produced pop metal tunes with incredible sound results considering Von Hiner is the only responsible of the production duties.
You’ll love this.

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01 – Rip It Up
02 – Bring The Light
03 – Miles Away
04 – This Love
05 – Open Your Heart
06 – I Close My Eyes
07 – Transformers [with Weslester] (movie Cover)
08 – Heaven Down
09 – Drowning It Out
10 – The Devil is Rock ‘n’ Roll
11 – Jam
12 – Rock It Tonight
13 – Good Vibes

Von Hiner – vocals, all instruments

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