UNRULY CHILD – Unhinged, Live From Milan (2018)

UNRULY CHILD - Unhinged, Live From Milan (2018) full
HERE     The REAL CD version

Last year at the Frontiers Music Festival, UNRULY CHILD put on an great live performance where they accepted to play their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album performed in its entirety. All was captured both audio / video, and the result is “Unhinged, Live From Milan“, to be released tomorrow on on CD/DVD and Blu-Ray.

UNRULY CHILD’s first, self-titled album is still considered a Melodic Rock / AOR gem for the genre, so it’s a pleasure yo hear these great tunes again with the band’s current sound.
In fact, “Unruly Child” isn’t complete here, because ‘Criminal’ was replaced with ‘Forever’, the excellent song appeared in the band’s second CD as well as Marcie Free solo album ‘Tormented’.
Anyway, the set list is awesome.

UNRULY CHILD sound really well alive. There’s a very oiled interplay between Bruce Gowdy’s melodic guitars and Guy Allison’s keys / synths, while Jay Schellen is always a guarantee behind the drums.
Marcie Free has lost none of his unique pipes, she reach every note from the original studio versions with ease, adding some power at places due the live performance.
They opted for pre-recorded backing vocals, and that’s fine because the elaborated harmonies crafted into the studio would have been impossible to replicate in a live show.

All these are terrific songs. “When Love Is Gone”, “Long Hair Woman”, “Take Me Down Nasty” (here baptized “Rock Me Down Nasty”), “Wind Me Up”, are true gems. All sound like if time hasn’t pass by.
The version of “On The Rise” is pure adrenaline, with the aforementioned guitar / keyboard interplay, while one of my favorites, “Who Cries Now” feels vital and authentic.

UNRULY CHILD - Unhinged, Live From Milan (2018) back

“Unhinged, Live From Milan” is a really good live album, these terrific songs deserved to be captured live and the band doesn’t disappoint.
Be aware that the digital version on sale sounds strange, flat, like if it was taken from a DVD-video. This is the real CD version and everything feels punchy and vibrant.
Highly Recommended

01 – Intro / Wind Me Up (Live)
02 – Lay Down Your Arms (Live)
03 – Rock Me Down Nasty (Live)
04 – Let’s Talk About Love (Live)
05 – Is It Over (Live)
06 – On the Rise (Live)
07 – Tunnel of Love (Live)
08 – To Be Your Everything (Live)
09 – Long Hair Woman (Live)
10 – Forever (Live)
11 – When Love is Gone (Live)
12 – Who Cries Now (Live)

Marcie Free – Vocals
Bruce Gowdy – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Guy Allison – Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Larry Antonino – Bass, Vocals
Jay Schellen – Drums


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