TALISMAN – Vaults [Deluxe Edition Remastered] Full Digipak Version

TALISMAN - Vaults [Deluxe Edition Remastered] Full Digipak Version

Swedish label Sunhill Productions started a few years ago a “Deluxe Edition” Reissue Campaign for all TALISMAN albums, the super-group fronted by talented Jeff Scott Soto. All these remastered reissue CD’s were already featured here on the blog.
But one that has been claiming a re-fresh, this time in its luxury Digipak version is “Vaults“, the double-CD featuring rare recordings, demo / early versions (and different singers as well) never heard before from this great Scandinavian Hard Rock founded by talented Marcel Jacob.

TALISMAN was the pride & joy of talented bassist Marcel Jacob (RIP) who always dreamed with his own band after play and record with the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen and John Norum.

TALISMAN - Vaults [Deluxe Edition Remastered] Full Digipak Version - inside

But the genesis of the band saw many musicians in-and-out before the first stable line-up was conformed. In the meantime, various Jacob’s friends lent their voices to record some demos of the new songs.

Apart from Jeff Scott Soto – who finally was Talisman’s frontman, we have Swedish master Goran Edman (Malmsteen, John Norum, Kharma), Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge, Skintrade), Thomas Vikstrom (Talk of the Town, Candelmass, Brazen Abbot) and Stefan Berggren (Company Of Snakes).

TALISMAN - Vaults [Deluxe Edition Remastered] Full Digipak Version - back

“Vaults” is essential for all Talisman / Jeff Scott Soto fans, but also for any Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock aficionado. Especially the demos with Goran Edman are pure gold.
The tracks were originally well recorded, and now cleaned with a proper remastering the sound obtained is really, really good.
HIGHLY Recommended

CD 1:
01. Time After Time (Single Version)
02. U Done Me Wrong (Demo – Jeff Scott Soto Vocals)
03. Give Me A Sign (Demo – Jeff Scott Soto Vocals)
04. Comin’ Home (Demo – Jeff Scott Soto Vocals)
05. Wasting R Time (Humanimal Sessions)
06. Todo Y Todo (Spanish Version Of All & All)
07. To Know Someone Deeply (Humanimal Sessions)
08. Angel (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
09. Time After Time (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
10. Give Me A Sign (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
11. Fighting For Your Life (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
12. Lovechild (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
13. Rainbows End (Demo – Thomas Vikstrom Vocals)
14. Njbbwd (Demo – Marcel Jacob Bass Solo)

CD 2:
01. Master Of Patience (Demo – Thomas Vikstrom Vocals)
02. Riding On The Wind (Demo – Thomas Vikstrom Vocals)
03. Live For Our Dreams (Demo – Thomas Vikstrom Vocals)
04. Comin’ Home (Demo – Stefan Berggren Vocals)
05. Time After Time (Demo – Stefan Berggren Vocals)
06. Girl Of Mine (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
07. Day By Day (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
08. Dangerous (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
09. If You Need Somebody (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
10. Under Fire (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
11. Lightning Strikes (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
12. Break Your Chains (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
13. Open Your Eyes (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
14. Oceans (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)


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