SIGN X (ex Chalice) – Sign X EP (2018) + CHALICE “In Wonderland” [digitally remastered]

SIGN X (ex Chalice) - Sign X (2018) full

SIGN X is a new German outfit releasing their self-titled “Sign XEP this 2018 as presentation card. In fact, this is the new name for veteran melodic hard rockers CHALICE.
Last year CHALICE’s lead singer left the band to pursue a solo career, and the rest of the guys considered that without his voice it would no longer be Châlice.
So they decided to change the name. With a new singer and with a slightly different musical approach, SIGN X born.

Also with a new keyboardist in Michel Jotzer, and exceptional singer Sebastian Zierof (who probably some know from the successful musical “Behind the Horizon”), not only the songs of Châlice breath new air, but the new compositions as well, now under the SIGN X flag.
Indeed, for them, this is the beginning of a new era.

As Châlice, the group has released 7 albums since the early ’90s, toured all over Europe, and played for / with rock greats like Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, Saga, Doro, Tesla, Magnum, and many more.
If you are new to them, their style was Melodic Hard Rock with a classy German / Scandinavian sound.
SIGN X retain these elements and adds a fresh hard rock groove, also influenced by the ’80s / early ’90s.

‘You Better Get Used to It’ has a melodic feeling similar to MORITZ, then ‘Glorious Again’ add classic keys to the background, a song with a very catchy chorus / great harmony vocals.
‘Chasing the Wind’ is one of my favorites with some NIGHT RANGER on it (what a great song!), midtempo ‘Turn Away’ has a bit of AOR to the verses and lovely synths, whilst you don’t need much explanation for ‘Rock n’ Roll Machine’, a catchy timeless melodic rocker.

SIGN X’s music is very clean and melodic, as well the crystal clear vocals, wrapped by a bright polished production.
Tremendous band and terrific songs, can’t wait for the full length album!
HIGHLY Recommended


But wait, recently, while still under the Châlice banner, the band put available again their 1995 debut CD, long time out of print. Titled “In Wonderland”, the album was recorded at various studios / sessions, hence the sound quality never was the best.

Well, now everything has been improved thanks to a Digital Remaster, and while it’s not the best produced record in the world, it’s a fine collection of melodic hard rock songs quite unheard by most fans of the genre.
Musically think a mix between Michael Voss’ bands CASANOVA and DEMON DRIVE, and bit of the early melodic rock style of PINK CREAM 69.
A collectors item only on sale at the band’s website.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01. You Better Get Used to It
02. Chasing the Wind
03. Glorious Again
04. Turn Away
05. Rock n’ Roll Machine

Oliver Scheer (ex-Chalice) – Guitar
Steve Lagleder (ex-Chalice) – Bass, Back vocals
Michael Mehl (ex-Chalice) – Drums, Back vocals
Michel Jotzer – Keyboards Back vocals
Sebastian Zierof – Lead Vocals

CHALICE “In Wonderland” [digitally remastered]
01 – Good Enough
02 – Favour Of Love
03 – Call Of My Heart
04 – Chance To Begin
05 – Apart
06 – Promises
07 – Two Hearts
08 – Miracle
09 – Wonderland
10 – Amnesty
11 – Year Of The Cat (Bonus Track)

Gino Naschke – Vocals
Oliver Scheer – Guitars
Steve Lagleder – Bass, Backing Vocals
Michael Mehl – Drums, Backing Vocals
Ralf Müller – Keyboards



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