SAINTED SINNERS (David Reece) – Back With A Vengeance (2018)

SAINTED SINNERS - Back With A Vengeance (2018) full

Featuring vocalist extraordinaire David Reece (ex Accept, Bangalore Choir, Tango Down and most recently fronting Bonfire), and after less than a year, SAINTED SINNERS are releasing tomorrow “Back With A Vengeance“, their second album, and indeed they are back with a full, on-fire new disc.
Founded by Reece with guitarist Frank Pane (Bonfire), expressing the “pure essence of rock ‘n’ roll” was the ambition that paired those four well-known and experienced musicians together in early 2016 to create and play the music which is deeply inside their hearts and in their blood.

The love for haed rock legends, such as DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, RAINBOW, WHITESNAKE, UFO, BLACK SABBATH, VAN HALEN and many others, built the cornerstone for the music of SAINTED SINNERS.
“Back With A Vengeance” is a pretty strong statement, and I can honestly say that SAINTED SINNERS have aptly titled their second outing. Actually, let me rephrase that, “aptly” isn’t strong enough. It’s a “perfect” name for this record.
From the opening riffs of “Rise Like A Phoenix” to the blues-drenched chords of “Gone But Not Forgotten”, this new CD is an immediate contender for next year’s classic hard rock ‘best of list’.

The Purple / Snake influence can still be heard on tracks like “Tell Me I Was Wrong”, “Nothing Left To Lose” and “Let It Go”, however the upfront keyboards of the first record are much more subdued. In its place you’ll find guitars, and lots of it.

“Rise Like a Phoenix” and “Burnin’ The Candle” owe themselves more to VAN HALEN than to WHITESNAKE, and rock like Hell. Oh and the title track “Back With A Vengeance” has me hot for teacher. Frank Pane can shred with the best of ’em and this is one of my favorites.

SAINTED SINNERS - Back With A Vengeance (2018) inside

SAINTED SINNERS know exactly what they are. Talented, seasoned musicians crafting great songs and not caring about what’s hot or trending.
Unlike a lot of today’s albums that kick in strong and fade fast after a song or three, “Back With A Vengeance” is a complete hard rock album. Remember those? When bands actually took the time and tried to actually command your attention for 40 minutes or more. The songs could stand on their own but together provided a complete listening experience.
Production on this record is simply fantastic regarding ‘classic hard rock’, Reece‘s voice sounds crystal clear and the guitar work on this release is insane.
You better don’t miss this… HIGHLY Recommended

01. Rise Like A Phoenix
02. Burnin The Candle
03. Back With A Vengeance
04. Tell Me I Was Wrong
05. Nothin Left To Lose
06. Waitin Til The Countdown Begins
07. Let It Go
08. When The Hammer Falls
09. Pretty Little Lies
10. Gone But Not Forgotten

David Reece (Bangalore Choir) – Vocals
Frank Pané (Bonfire) – Guitar
Malte Frederik Burkert (Purpendicular) – Bass
Berci Hirleman (Purpendicular) – Drums
Angel Vafeiadis, Eric Ragno – Keyboards


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