RSO – I Got You Babe + Making History + Rise + One Night Of Peace (2018)

RSO - I Got You Babe + Making History + Rise + One Night Of Peace (2018) full

RSO, who is Richie Sambora and Orianthi, have just released “I Got You Babe” / “Forever All The Way”, a new 2-sided single, dropped in time for Valentine’s Day.
These dual singles follow on from their two EPs that they previously released last year, titled “Rise” (featured at this blog) and “Making History”, appeared last December. Additionally, RSO presented last Christmas another single, “The One Night Of Peace
After writing nearly 70 songs over a two-year period, RSO’s debut full-length album is due out in April, so meanwhile let’s enjoy everything they released so far.

The first of the dual singles 2018 is a cover of the Sonny & Cher 1965 classic “I Got You Babe”; which Richie Sambora and Orianthi have completely switched up and made it their own. The second, “Forever All The Way”, is a relatable original track from this loving couple.

There are 5 titles on “Making History”, the duo second EP appeared las December. The first of them is the title track and is a good rocker with obviously tons of guitars and Richie and Orianthi sharing the vocals. It’s a joyous song, very removed, with a fast bridge where the guitars are hard rock. A good start. And a rock ‘n roll anthem.
Change of tone with “We Are Magic”, with the wah-wah guitar giving way to rhythm ‘n’ blues and even electronic prints. It’s fresh, modern and there are beautiful passages of guitars (obviously). I like it even it’s not very powerful.

I prefer the acoustic “Walk With Me” where Orianthi lets burst her beautiful voice, Richie accompanying her and taking the lead vocal on the second verse. The bridge is sung in the blues spirit, while the chorus takes us away. A beautiful moment that will make the joys of RSO concerts, no doubt. Take out your lighters. The last minute is freewheeling and gives way to electric guitars Gorgeous song.

“Together On The Outside” is announced by Alice Cooper himself (Orianthi played with him before meeting Richie Sambora). It’s a midtempo, modern too, again here a lot of guitars and Orianthi in full vocal form. There are two great short solos and incomparable guitar mastery (I still remember that Richie Sambora is largely underestimated).

“I Don’t Want To Have You Need” is the fifth title, always in the same spirit. Modern yet with rock’n’roll in the soul, with Sambora remembering us that he sings really well, his broken voice telling us that he lived, was messed with alcohol but he is there. Happy. The solo is of absolute purity.
Then we have “The One Night Of Peace”, the standalone single released at the same time of the second EP. It’s a sweet Christmas song, with piano and sweet acoustic guitars.

RSO - I Got You Babe + Making History + Rise + One Night Of Peace (2018) artwork

RSO first EP was already presented at 0dayrox. Title track “Rise” is an uplifting classic rock anthem about “not taking shit from anybody”, then there’s the ambitious emotive piano ballad “Truth”; the bluesy “Take Me”, and the twangy “Good Times”.
The smoldering, whole-hearted love ode “Masterpiece” is a melodic rock&pop track Sambora says he originally had the idea for 20 years ago.

It’s obvious that RSO – Sambora / Orianthi have chemistry. Both sing very well and their voices complement nicely, and both play fine guitar lines.
Musically, RSO is some kind of turning point taken by the duo, especially by Richie Sambora who still proves his talent in guitar and composition.
RSO’s debut full-length album is due out in April, and seems none of the songs featured here will be included.

2018 single:
01 – I Got You Babe
02 – Forever All The Way

Making History EP:
03 – Making History
04 – We Are Magic
05 – Walk With Me
06 – Together On The Outside
07 – I Don’t Want to Have to Need You Now

Christmas single:
08 – One Night of Peace

Rise EP:
09 – Rise
10 – Masterpiece
11 – Truth
12 – Take Me
13 – Good Times

Richie Sambora – guitar, bass, vocals
Orianthi – guitar, vocals
Robby Krieger – guest guitar
Alice Cooper – backing vocals
Abe Laboriel Jr. – drums


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