RICHIE KOTZEN – Telecasters & Stratocasters; Klassic Kotzen [BOX-SET] (2018)

RICHIE KOTZEN - Telecasters & Stratocasters; Klassic Kotzen [BOX-SET] (2018) full

Telecasters & Stratocasters; Klassic Kotzen” is a new 3-CD Box-Set from renowned guitarist RICHIE KOTZEN including three of his deleted, hard to find solo album plus bonus tracks.
The Box-Set is named after his endorsement with Fender guitars, the brand he has used for most of his career, most notably his signature models Telecaster and Stratocaster.

Member of many successful bands including Poison, Mr. Big and currently The Winery Dogs, Kotzen’s solo career is prolific as well.
Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, Richie Kotzen is considered one of the greatest Rock guitar players. He possesses the rare talent of adapting his playing style to suit all genres of music from blues to jazz pop and rock.
This ability stemmed from his early years; when at the age of seven Kotzen first took up the instrument, keen to follow in the footsteps of the band Kiss. He spent several years honing his own unique sound and playing style, tirelessly working to perfect the art, and it paid off when he was signed by Shrapnel Records at the age of 19.

“Telecasters & Stratocasters; Klassic Kotzen” contains the albums, ‘Break It All Down’, Something To Say’, and ‘What Is’, plus bonus tracks from the album ‘Wave Of Emotion’ originally only released in Japan.
It covers Kotzen’s solo period between 1996-1999, perhaps his most bluesy-rock influenced solo albums.

RICHIE KOTZEN - Telecasters & Stratocasters; Klassic Kotzen [BOX-SET] (2018) back

‘From Something To Say’ (1997) and ‘What Is’ (1998) to 1999′s ‘Break It All Down’, all showcase Kotzen’s meld of soulful rock, frequently funky but always tuneful.
All really consistent albums / songs, some that easily could be part of any The Winery Dogs record. Just check ‘Cross The Line’.
Great rock n’ roll stuff.

01 – Break It All Down
02 – Killin’ Time
03 – The Feelin’s Gone
04 – Some Voodoo
05 – I Would
06 – You Don’t Know
07 – Live A Little
08 – I Don’t Belong
09 – My Addiction
10 – It Burns
11 – I’ll Be Around
12 – Wave Of Emotion
13 – Breakdown
14 – World Affair

01 – Something To Say
02 – What Makes A Man
03 – The Bitter End
04 – Faded
05 – Let Me In
06 – Rust
07 – Ready
08 – Aberdine
09 – Holy Man
10 – Camouflage
11 – Turned Out
12 – Air
13 – Moonshine
14 – Time’s Gonna Tell

01 – What Is
02 – Too Deep
03 – You Got A Fire
04 – Locked Out
05 – You Don’t Owe Me
06 – Angie
07 – Open Your Eyes
08 – Strength
09 – Lose Again
10 – Cross The Line
11 – I’m Losin’ You
12 – No Reason
13 – I’m Comin’ Out
14 – Sovereign


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