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REVERTIGO is a Stockholm-based duo formed by Mats Levén (Treat, Dogface, Yngwie) and Anders Wikström (Treat). As close personal and musical friends for nearly 30 years, ReVertigo is the next chapter in an ongoing collaboration culminating with the self-produced new album to be released via Frontiers Music next week.

In September 2016, a 3-song demo found its way to Frontiers Music who decided to sign the band on the spot. In-between priority touring activities with Candlemass, Treat and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the pair finalized the 11 songs featured on the debut album.
Between Levén & Wikström they play all the instruments on the album, except for the drums that were performed by long time friend Thomas Broman (ex Great King Rat, Michael Schenker, Electric Boys, et all).
Revertigo’s music itself is a blend of rocking, yet melodic crafted songs inspired by favorite albums and artists from the 70s, / 80s and up to present day, not forgetting the chemistry that comes to life when Mats and Anders join forces.

After Levén’s recent ‘metallic’ works (he’s the lead voice for Candlemass now) I was expecting a melodic metal album from this new project.
However, “ReVertigo” is pretty much traditional melodic hard rock stuff, with a little edge in it, yes, but in the way of Treat albums. In many aspects, it brings to mind TREAT’s 90s self-titled record done with Levén as lead vocalist.
But the focus, sound and production is really modern, updated, punchy and vibrant. Of course, Mats Leven’s voice is, once again, on top form and the overall result is fat and big.

Opener “Hoodwinked” is a pumping midtempo rocker and a showcase for ReVertigo’s style: strong guitars and well worked lead / harmony vocals. A track that could easily appear in DOGFACE’s classic ‘Unleashed’, but also, as mentioned, 90s TREAT, ALIEN, TALISMAN. You get the picture, right?
“Sailing Stones”, “Joan Of Arc” and “The Cause” deliver more melodic hard rock bliss in this vein with solid verses and convincing melodic lines.

However, this album / band also tries offer something new. The aforementioned classic melodic hard patterns are spiced with some interesting twists. “Symphony Of Fallen Angels” adds some electronics and a trippy feel, “Gate Of The Gods” mix in the background a weird (but works!) keyboard arrangement, while “False Flag” has a modern approach in the way H.E.A.T did in their last album.
“Unobtainium” is some kind of a ballad, but not served in the traditional fashion. The atmosphere is created with synths and subtle guitars, and Mats raspy performance turn this song quite original.

REVERTIGO - ReVertigo (2018) inside

ReVertigo is, for sure, a more than interesting new act. The band deliver some classic melodic hard rockers, but also more elaborated stuff.
Mats Levén is a darn talented vocalist, but also a complete musician. Here he has the control of the music (alongside Wikström), and he wants to create something different from what he usually does for other bands he’s part of, or as hired singer.

In many ways, “ReVertigo” – the album – represents the melodic hard rock ‘new blood’, avoiding cliches and trying to bring something new to the table. I must say Levén / Wikström success in this matter, and have created a very original piece of work here.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Hoodwinked
02. Sailing Stones
03. Symphony Of Fallen Angels
04. The Cause
05. Gate Of The Gods
06. False Flag
07. Unobtainium
08. Luciferian Break Up
09. Joan Of Arc
10. Break Away
11. In Revertigo

Mats Levén – Lead vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Anders Wikström (Treat) – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backing vocals
Thomas Broman (Michael Schenker, Electric Boys) – Drums


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