PINK FLOYD – Wish You Were Here [Japanese Ltd. miniLP remastered] (2017)

PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here [Japanese Ltd. miniLP remastered] (2017) full

As part of the recent November Japanese reissue series of PINK FLOYD‘s discography in cardboard sleeve remastered mini LP format which faithfully replicates its original LP design, the classic “Wish You Were Here” is for sure one to get, sold at a very affordable price.

As the follow-up to the Floyd’s iconic, record-breaking concept album The Dark Side Of The Moon, this album is often unfairly overlooked… and it’s one of their best.
With the benefit of hindsight, “Wish You Were Here” has the same faultless pacing and sequencing of its predecessor, but a more coherent musical narrative, structure and tone, as well as greater lyrical sophistication.
Musically, it’s arguably even more impressive, showcasing the group’s interplay and David Gilmour’s incredible, influential solos in particular.

PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here [Japanese Ltd. miniLP remastered] (2017) booklet

Here, the ‘concept’ is more down-to-earth, since much of the record is an extended tribute to the late Syd Barrett ­ the brain behind their early works, who flew too high and burned too bright, becoming one of rock’s most infamous drug casualties before Pink Floyd emerged from London¹s psychedelic underground scene to become one of the biggest success stories of the 1970s.

Essentially, “Wish You Were Here” exists as one of the greatest achievements in progressive rock as a whole.
In its epicness and various (and varied) parts, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ is simply astonishing. And then we find ‘Have A Cigar, the ‘catchiest’ song on the album. The synthesizers are scarce, but used quite well once again and is undeniably due to the great lyrics and instrumentation.
I always loved title track ‘Wish You Were Here’. It’s so emotional, so well crafted.

PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here [Japanese Ltd. miniLP remastered] (2017) back

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this album is how it was recording in 1975 and yet, it manages to sound like one of the most timeless records ever created. The melodramatic ‘Welcome to the Machine’ (which presages some of the pomp of their later work) sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday and the lyrical content hit home on the most relatable level possible.
This Japanese reissue feels crisp and clean, and the LP replica is done to perfection with a mini-gatefold, inserts, sleeve, and even the same hype sticker as when this was originally released.

01 – Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
02 – Welcome to the Machine
03 – Have a Cigar
04 – Wish You Were Here
05 – Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX

Roger Waters – vocals, bass,, guitar, tape effects
Nick Mason – drums, percussion, tape effects
Richard Wright – Hammond, Moog, piano, clavinet, backing vocals
David Gilmour – vocals, guitars, lap steel, synths, keyboards, tape effects, additional bass

additional musicians:
Dick Parry – saxophone on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”
Roy Harper – lead vocals on “Have a Cigar”
Venetta Fields – backing vocals on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”
Carlena Williams – backing vocals on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”


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