LeBROCK – Real Thing (2018) + 6 remixes

LeBROCK - Real Thing (2018) full

The British synthwave / AOR band LeBROCK gave us the awesome EP ‘Action and Romance’ sometime ago, now the wonder duo dropped their second release “Real Thing“, presented at 0dayrox in exclusive.
If pure ’80s stuff is your thing, you must hear this…

LeBrock isn’t created by a synth / keyboard fan like most the projects from the synthwave scene. This is a real band put together by two musicians with academic formation; guitarist and keyboard player Michael Meadows and skilled vocalist Shaun Phillips.
LeBrock’s music of course, is inspired by all the ’80s culture from movies to sci-fi to mainstream music.
Their blend of synthwave includes electric guitars, real bass, and vocals performed & arranged in a true Melodic Rock / AOR fashion. Seriously, just check Shaun’s performance all over the record… this guy easily could be the next Vega lead vocalist!

This fresh set of songs shows a more mature LeBrock. While the synths are still the core of the sound, now as whole the music feels more organic, like a ‘full band’.
Additionally, there’s no instrumentals, all are sung by Shaun and have a ‘song format.
Opener, title track ‘Real Thing’ is a midtempo punchy melodic rocker with a sound that if you don’t know this a ‘synthwave band’, you would guess the song is taken from a lost ’80s album. There’s a great melodious guitar solo, and call me nuts, but I find in this song a certain STRANGEWAYS feel.

‘Please Don’t Cry’ is a fantastic AOR tune bringing to mind Canadian bands from the genre circa 1987, and also ‘action movie’ sountrack. This amazing tune wouldn’t be out of place in the Top Gun OST. Meadows’ instrumentation and arrangements are superb, and Shaun shines at the microphone.

With a title ‘Runaway’ you can only expect a pure ’80s AOR song, and LeBrock delivers. Lots of keyboards and jumpin’ vocals, plus a fantastic guitar solo. Love It!!!.
‘Only The Brave’ is some kind of a poppy melodic rock song with elegant atmospheres (DOMINOE would be proud of it), and for the end the guys offer the more ‘synthwave’ track of all, ‘Juice’, which, however, explodes in the chorus with a pulsating vocal work. In the middle section there’s a climatic passage, and then we have a monster guitar solo (kills, reminiscent of Steve Vai) performed by guest Ultraboss.

Speaking about Ultraboss, the guitarist has collaborated with many artists from this musical scene, and joined LeBrock and Tokyo Rose (another synthwave artist) for the song ‘All Night’, included here by us as bonus track.
Think the movie ‘The Lost Boys (1987)’ soundtrack and its main theme ‘Cry Little Sister’ (performed by Gerard McMann)… pure 80s mysterious atmosphere and a great guitar work by Ultraboss. Fan-damn-tastic.

LeBROCK - Real Thing (2018) inside

But wait… there’s more. We have added as bonus as well the prervious EP ‘Action and Romance’ Remixed, done only for LeBrock’s fan club. The same great songs, slightly different in sound, but equally awesome.

What can I say about LeBrock… I’m sold.
This is one of the most exciting acts I’ve discovered in the last 10 years or so… the blend like-no other 80s culture / sound with a timeless AOR / Melodic rock approach.
Simply these guys can’t write a bad song, all are pure gold.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Real Thing
02 – Please Don’t Cry
03 – Runaway
04 – Only the Brave
05 – Juice (feat. Ultraboss)
06 – All Night (with Ultraboss & Tokyo Rose)
07 – Galactic Smasher (Remix)
08 – Dangerous Dreams (Remix)
09 – One Night (Remix)
10 – Call Me (Remix)
11 – Takedown (Remix)

Vocals – Shaun Phillips
Guitars, Synths & Programming – Michael Meadows
Guitar Solo on 5, 6, performed by Ultraboss



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