JOHN CORABI – Live ’94 [One Night In Nashville] (2018)

JOHN CORABI - Live ’94 [One Night In Nashville] (2018) full

Former Motley Crue and current The Dead Daisies singer JOHN CORABI is releasing a new album titled “Live 94 (One Night in Nashville)“, a live album featuring solo performances of tracks from the album he recorded with Motley Crue.
Corabi, who replaced Vince Neil in 1992, was part of the lineup that released the band’s self-titled sixth album in 1994. By 1997 he’d been removed in favor of the returning Neil following record company pressure.

Before start, read this to avoid confusion: this album was recorded in 2015, during Corabi’s tour called “Motley 94″ where he performed in its entirety ‘Motley Crue”, the self-titled disc he recorded as lead vocalist during the Nineties.
Corabi even performs the bonus track “10,000 Miles Away,” which originally was released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the “Quaternary” EP.

On “Live ‘94 (One Night in Nashville)” – recorded on Oct. 27, 2015, in (obviously) Nashville, Tennessee – the songs written and originally recorded more than two decades ago sound just as fresh, vital and exhilarating as ever – maybe even more so now because of how overlooked they’ve been over the years.

Time has robbed Corabi’s raspy voice of none of its power, and his band, Jeremy Asbrock (guitar/vocals), Tommy Daley (guitar), Topher Nolen (bass guitar/vocals) and his son Ian Corabi (drums/percussions), perfectly recreates the songs, which could not have been an easy task given some of the complicated arrangements.
Knowing how little Motley ended up touring behind this album, Corabi’s tour likely was the first time many of these songs were performed live.

The material runs the gamut from riff-driven numbers like “Power to the Music” and “Hammered,” to the even heavier “Smoke the Sky,” to the single “Hooligan’s Holiday,” to the acoustic “Loveshine,” to the brilliant “Misunderstood,” which is almost three songs in one and, from more of an objective standpoint, might very well be the best piece of music Motley Crue ever wrote.

After running through the 12 album tracks, Corabi and the band return for “10,000 Miles,” originally released on the Japanese edition of the “Quaternary” EP. Nice choice, a song I’d never heard before in any form is a nice treat.

JOHN CORABI - Live ’94 [One Night In Nashville] (2018) inside

“Live 94 (One Night in Nashville)” is Corabi and his solo band blasting through the entire ‘Motley Crue’ album. The recording sounds ‘huge’ like John promised but not overly compressed as we find these days with acts trying to outdo their contemporaries in a battle for the loudest record.
Vocally, Corabi sounds fantastic. It’s fair to say that if you’re a fan of the ‘Motley Crue’ album, then there’s no question that you’ll be thrilled with “Live 94 (One Night in Nashville)”.

This isn’t just another live album. When originally released in 1994 the Corabi-fronted Motley Crue album was criminally ignored, so the idea that these songs are not just alive but being celebrated in 2018 is a great thing, and an opportunity to re-discover a bunch of very good songs.
Highly Recommended

01 – Power to the Music (Live)
02 – Uncle Jack (Live)
03 – Hooligan’s Holiday (Live)
04 – Misunderstood (Live)
05 – Loveshine (Live)
06 – Poison Apples (Live)
07 – John Joins the Band (Live)
08 – Hammered (Live)
09 – Til Death Do Us Part (Live)
10 – Welcome to the Numb (Live)
11 – Smoke the Sky (Live)
12 – Here’s the Band (Live)
13 – Droppin’ like Flies (Live)
14 – Driftaway (Live)
15 – 10,000 Miles Away (Live) Bonus Track

John Corabi – lead vocals, guitar
Jeremy Asbrock – guitar, vocals
Phil Shouse – guitar, vocals
Tommy Daley – guitar
Topher Nolen – bass
Ian Corabi – drums, percussion


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