IGNORE THE SIGN – A Line To Cross (2018)

IGNORE THE SIGN - A Line To Cross (2018) full

Released today, “A Line To Cross” is the debut album from IGNORE THE SIGN, a new Hannover, Germany-based band surrounding vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ossy Pfeiffer, including guitarist / vocalist Anca Graterol (ROSY VISTA), bassist Lars Lehmann (UFO, ULI JON ROTH), drummer Kristof Hinz (ELOY) and great British guitarist Steve Mann (LIONHEART).
When you got together such talented musicians you can only expect good things, and “A Line To Cross” it is: quality, consistent classic Melodic Hard Rock.

Opening with the grand statement ‘Saviours Of Rock’, IGNORE THE SIGN set out their musical stall, namely big riffs and darn catchy melodies, reminiscent of DEF LEPPARD (their not mega-produced song / era).
Since this first track you’ll notice a very good, polished production with attention to detail, layers of harmony vocals – Anca Graterol sing leads alongside Pfeiffer creating a warm effect – and Mann delivers his trademark melodic solos to complete a solid track.

Title track, ‘A Line To Cross’ follows, and it’s a more classic rock oriented tune, a showcase for Pfeiffer tenor vocals. There’s acoustics into the mix, but also a varied range of unusual percussion creating great atmosphere.
DEF LEPPARD again come to mind on the opening guitar on ‘No Way Home’, another enjoyable piece of melodic hard rock. This is easily one of my favorite tracks, extremely catchy.

‘Brother’ is another really, really well crafted song with delicious keyboards and a midtempo AOR feel of all times, not unlike the last BOULEVARD. Another fav of mine.
Then the band shows another side, and a welcomed one; ‘The Story Isn’t Over’ taps into a 70s hard rock sound driven along by some tasty Hammond playing, which nods towards the sound of URIAH HEEP. Graterol performs lead vocals here, and fit perfectly.

Another clear influence on the album, and again by the hand of classic rock, can be heard in the punchy ‘Days Of Thunder’ and the elegant ballad ‘When Words Ain’t Enough’. I am talking about WHITESNAKE. The former akin ‘Saint & Sinners’ era, the latter the ‘Good To Be Bad’ record. Steve Mann kills with a very classy guitar work.

There’s more quality on this no-filler record; ‘God with a Million Faces’ rocks with an arena / stadium feel (valvular guitars all over and a monster bass), ‘Sweet Lady’ adds a bit of blues, ‘Behind the Wall’ is an stupendous midtempo which somehow reminds me of HOUSE OF LORDS (great raspy vocals by Pfeiffer), while ‘Silver Wind’ own a big groove and some GLENN HUGHES.

Graterol fair rips of the studio linings with her passionate singing on ‘Can’t Find The Door’. Again the Hammond and guitars move this song along nicely.
As proper closer, we find another really fine number in the pumping melodic rocker ‘Looking in the Sun’, plenty of smooth vocals, synths, melodic guitars and a feel-good vibe.

IGNORE THE SIGN - A Line To Cross (2018) inside

With the triumphant return of LIONHEART last year, also including Steve Mann now we find this IGNORE THE SIGN, and let me tell you, his guitar work here is equally impressive.
But overall this is Ossy Pfeiffer’s baby, and damn, what a great album he has crafted in “A Line To Cross”.
As said, all songs are good, very good, performances from all involved are more than solid, and production is, honestly, awesome.
A mean, I am a bit tired of the same ‘production mold’ from some artists / labels (you get it, right?), and “A Line To Cross” is a refreshing recording. Everything breath, the mix comes natural, warm, not saturated.

Youl’ll be surprised by IGNORE THE SIGN’s “A Line To Cross” quality, at all departments. There’s timeless music here, melodic hard rock, classic rock, hard, even some AOR.
Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this really good, surprising release from Steamhammer / SPV.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Saviors Of Rock
02. A Line To Cross
03. No Way Home
04. Brother
05. The Story Isn’t Over
06. When Words Ain’t Enough
07. God with a Million Faces
08. Sweet Lady
09. Days Of Thunder
10. Behind The Wall
11. Can’t Find The Door
12. Silver Wind
13. Looking In The Sun

Ossy Pfeiffer (vocals, keyboards)
Anca Graterol (guitar, vocals)
Steve Mann (guitar)
Lars Lehmann (bass)
Kristof Hinz (drums)
Momme Boe (percussion)


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