CHRISTOPHER CROSS – Take Me As I Am (2017-2018)

CHRISTOPHER CROSS - Take Me As I Am (2017-2018) full

This one was requested some weeks ago. I think the name CHRISTOPHER CROSS no need introduction to this blog readers; since the early 80s this musician has been crafting smooth, delicate music. “Take Me As I Am” is Christopher Cross new album released at the end of 2017, but physically available since past month.

Known for his mix of elaborated rock&pop, Westcoast-AOR and radio ready melodies, right out of the box Cross hit the jackpot with four hit singles and a hit debut album. On Grammy Awards night in 1980, Cross broke the record for Grammy wins (5).
The Grammy’s Cross won helped him sustain his career for the past 37 years.

“Take Me As I Am” is a quite special album. It’s his answer to fans who’ve asked him for guitar-centric songs. He says: “I have too much respect for my brilliant compatriots Eric Johnson, Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather to try this [a guitar album], it’s my humble offer.”

Indeed, the CD is pretty unique: during the song verses Cross’ guitar does the talking, while the choruses are sung, with some occasional middle vocal part.
There’s excellent session musicians here like bass player Will Lee (Ace Frehley, James Brown), drummer Keith Carlock (he played on every track of the album Toto XIV), sax player Andy Suzuki (Steve Lukather Band) and many more.

CHRISTOPHER CROSS - Take Me As I Am (2017-2018) disc

Among the highlights, the album features “Roberta,” a song for Joni Mitchell, the recently ailing singer-songwriter who is Cross’ biggest inspiration. Or “Truth,” the final collaboration with Rob Meurer, Cross’ decades-long songwriting partner and friend who was killed by a hit-and-run driver last year.
“Take Me As I Am” is all about smooth Westcoast and sweet pop melodies, immaculately recorded and produced.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Haila
02 – Take me as I am
03 – Oberta (for Joni Mitchell)
04 – Down to the wire
05 – Baby it’s all you
06 – Old days
07 – River of tears
08 – Truth
09 – Like minded saviors
10 – Alvah (In memory of Rob Meurer)

Vocals, Guitars – Christopher Cross
Drums – Keith Carlock
Bass – Will Lee
Sax – Andy Suzuki
Keyboards – Eddy Hobizal
Vocals on “Down to The Wire” – Erin Ivey
Vocals on “Truth” – Gigi Worth
Backing Vocals – Kim Parent, Marcia Ramirez, Britt Savage


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