CATS IN SPACE – Cats Alive! (2018)

CATS IN SPACE - Cats Alive! (2018) full

UK wonders CATS IN SPACE are ready to release their first live recording tomorrow titled “Cats Alive!“, recorded last year at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena at a particularly raucous night on the band’s tour with Thunder.
Since this was five months before the release of their second studio album Scarecrow, then unsurprisingly most of the songs featured in their set came from the first album, with just one song from the as then unreleased second album.

The band’s first single ‘Mr. Heartache’ a stand out in the live environment, along with the epic ‘Greatest Story Never Told’. The latter shows how confident the band are in the strength of their songs as not many support acts would be keen to do this.
Paul Manzi is spot on vocally, whilst Greg Hart and Dean Howard are a perfect guitar duo, riffing when required and both capable of playing tasty solos when required.

The fast paced ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ is made for the live stage, while ‘Only In Vegas’ clearly shows the band’s love of retro music, be it rock, pop or even a little soul.

CATS IN SPACE - Cats Alive! (2018) inside

Cats In Space continue on their upward trajectory with this live album here to keep their fans satisfied.
And you know what? “Cats Alive!” is benefited by its shortness. Simply that by recording a support set, it’s by necessity a fairly short one – seven songs and just 34 minutes. While some would have wanted a 12-song or more live album, this way works much, much better.
VERY Recommended

01 – Too Many Gods (Live)
02 – Only In Vegas (Live)
03 – Last Man Standing (Live)
04 – The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (Live)
05 – Mr. Heartache (Live)
06 – Greatest Story Never Told (Live)
07 – Five Minute Celebrity (Live)

Paul Manzi – Lead Vocals (Arena)
Dean Howard – Guitar (Airrace)
Jeff Brown – Bass (The Sweet)
Andy Stewart – Keyboards
Greg Hart – Guitars / Vocals
Steevi Bacon – Drums


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