PHIL CAMPBELL And The Bastard Sons – The Age Of Absurdity (2018)

PHIL CAMPBELL And The Bastard Sons - The Age Of Absurdity (2018) full

The Age Of Absurdity” is the debut album from PHIL CAMPBELL And The Bastard Sons, the band created by the extremely talented iron horse guitarist of one of the greatest Rock bands in history; Motorhead.
It turns out that Phil’s sons are equally talented. Todd (guitar), Dane (drums), and Tyla (bass) can jam. Teamed up with fellow Welsh vocalist Neil Starr, these guys are a potent arsenal of rock.

After the sad and painful ending of Motorhead three years ago, guitarist Phil Campbell had to look into new fields of activity. His passion for hard rocking music is unbridled and didn’t end in 2015. Therefore a new outlet for riffs and mighty guitar sounds was very much needed.
He opted for his family, and they really rock as unit.

After having published a first EP some months ago the quintet releases the debut as we speak, an album that is fueled by thrilling classic hard rockers that are a real treat for your ears.
“The Age Of Absurdity” is full of great grooves and plenty of catch hooks. The band is tighter than an over-torqued lug nut. The production is outstanding with an ’80s polished sound where each instrument and vocals come well defined and kicking out hard.

The album launches from the gate with a rocking anthem called “Ringleader”. The drums are popping and send you flying down the track at warp speed. The guitar tone is something to be cherished. Beefy riffs with the bass thumping hard and rounding out the bottom, make you want to throw your fist into the sky with every beat.

Equally enjoyable tunes are the dirty n’ hooky “Gypsy Kiss”, the heart pounding “Step Into The Fire”, and the dank blues of “Dark Days”.
The grooving “Stepping in Fire” is cool stuff, as well as the infectious “Freak Show”. A song that‘s also worth to listen to is the closer “Into the Dark“, which brings back a bit of Dio when it comes to atmospheres.

PHIL CAMPBELL And The Bastard Sons - The Age Of Absurdity (2018) back

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons’ “The Age of Absurdity” is a kick ass debut that benefits of an experienced father and juvenile wildness.
Classic Hard Rock music can‘t sound much better than what you get offered with this terrific long player.
Strongly Recommended


01 – Ringleader
02 – Freak Show
03 – Skin and Bones
04 – Gypsy Kiss
05 – Welcome To Hell
06 – Dark Days
07 – Dropping The Needle
08 – Step into the Fire
09 – Get on your Knees
10 – High Rule
11 – Into The Dark

Phil Campbell – guitar
Neil Starr – vocals
Todd Campbell – guitar
Tyla Campbell – bass
Dane Campbell – drums


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