PHENOMENA – Phenomena [Japanese Remastered reissue +5] (2017)

PHENOMENA - Phenomena [Japanese Remastered reissue +5] (2017) full

Japanese new label Wasabi Records has been doing an amazing work reissuing true ’80s classics (some featured at 0dayrox), and few months ago released the three first essential PHENOMENA albums in a cardboard sleeve packaging replicating its UK edition LP design and a terrific, fresh 2017 remaster.
The project debut, self-titled “Phenomena” includes 5 great bonus tracks as well.

Phenomena was a musical concept masterminded by record producer Tom Galley, Metalhammer magazine founder Wilfried Rimensberger, and Tom’s brother, Whitesnake guitarist Mel Galley.
Contributors to perform the songs were stellar; Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Don Airey (Ozzy Osbourne), and a trio of ex-Whitesnake members — Mel Galley, Neil Murray and Cozy Powell, among others.

PHENOMENA - Phenomena [Japanese Remastered reissue +5] (2017) DISC

The story began in the year 1983 when Tom Galley wrote a couple of short stories with a transcendental background. Backed by record label Bronze, the recordings for the album “Phenomena” started soon which finally hit the stores in 1985.
Besides the extraordinary concept story, as mentioned, the elite of the British hard rock scene were part of the record.

However, musically, the overall sound in “Phenomena” is uber polished, mid-’80s keyboard-heavy melodic rock, and Phenomena perfectly fit in with the musical 1985 climate.
But there’s one thing that made “Phenomena” so special… “atmosphere”.
While the music bounces through light and shade, traditional hard rock riffs and AORish melodies, the atmospheres and ‘sonic aura’ in this record are unique.

PHENOMENA - Phenomena [Japanese Remastered reissue +5] (2017) BACK

“Phenomena” is a key album in ’80s Melodic Hard Rock. An absolutely essential record where all songs are superb and performances shine, for many, the best Glenn Hughes work ever.
This really welcomed 24-bit remastering on this awesome album, including 5 treasurable bonus tracks.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Kiss Of Fire
02 – Still The Night
03 – Dance With The Devil
04 – Phoenix Rising
05 – Believe
06 – Who’s Watching You
07 – Hell On Wings
08 – Twilight Zone
09 – Phenomena
10 – Still The Night (New Recording)
11 – Karma (Outtake)
12 – Coming Back Strong (First Ever Phenomena Rehearsal)
13 – Assassins Of The Night (First Ever Phenomena Rehearsal)
14 – Phoenix Rising (First Ever Phenomena Rehearsal)

Glenn Hughes – vocals
Mel Galley, John Thomas – guitars
Neil Murray – bass
Don Airey – keyboards
Richard Bailey – keyboards
Cozy Powell – drums
Ted Mckenna – drums
Robin Smith – keyboards
Richard Sanders – fiddle
Neil Willars – boy soloist on 9
Paul Robinson – backing vocals
Midland Boy Singers – vocals
Alison McGuinniss – backing vocals
Pete Green – backing vocals

bonus tracks:
O’Ryan – vocals, bass, guitar
Mel Galley – vocals, guitar
Merv Spence – vocals, bass
Steve Bray – drums
Jason Fillingham – keyboards
Huwey Lucas, Martin Taylor – guitar
Tracey Riggan – backing vocals


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