MAGGIE’S MADNESS – Pushed To The Limit (2018)

MAGGIE'S MADNESS - Pushed To The Limit (2018) full

Released today, “Pushed To The Limit” is the new album from Germans MAGGIE’S MADNESS, their first in three decades. We’re talking about experienced cats here, the band was founded in 1974.
Maggie’s Madness recorded a couple of LP’s, toured with the likes of Accept, Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, etc, before broke up in 1984. Then most members operated under the name Wildcat during the ’80s.

This band from Nuremberg reunited for a concert series to celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2014, and decided to come back due the healthy rebirth of the melodic hard rock genre these days.
Yes, “Pushed To The Limit” is a really, really fine melodic hard rock album with an ’80s feeling and feel-good vibe.

Founding members Franz Zellner (guitar), Joe Bleicher (guitar) and Peter Tobolla (bass) have remained from the early days, and recruited some new blood to refresh Maggie’s Madness sound, especially from Eddie Rößler’s vocals.
Maggie’s Madness understand their craft and “Pushed To The Limit” catch your years since its first bars; melodic twin guitar riffs, strong hooklines and catchy choruses are the motto here.

From the opening title track I hear traces of Mama’s Boys, the very first Def Leppard, Heavy Pettin’, Tangier, etc. If you are in this melodic hard rock game you get the picture.
‘My Universe’ is much more melodic in a midtempo pace, then ‘Made of Steel’, despite its title, is a bouncy rocker ready to get your Harley and hit the road.

The band adds a nice accordion touch during the intro of ‘From Russia with Love’, a song dominted by Rößler’s raspy vocals. ‘Mr. Wonderful’ is perhaps the more modern song on the album, build over a broken riff, however its backbone is pure ’80s with some Pretty Maids to it.

MAGGIE'S MADNESS - Pushed To The Limit (2018) INSIDE

‘Lover Tag’ bounces with an unmistakable Germanic melodic hard rock sound, another cool touch is heard in ‘No Chance’ intro – including a bluesy harmonica – reminiscent of Cinderella, then ‘Shut Up!’ rocks again creating a fine atmosphere as well.
We have a really good ballad in ‘How Can a Good Thing Hurt so Bad’, not in the ‘power ballad’ mould but in the classic Euro metal vein circa 1983 bringing to mind Scorpions, Deep Purple, etc.

Maggie’s Madness “Pushed To The Limit” conjures the classic European 1982-1987 melodic hard rock style wrapped by an updated production, all strong songs with catchy riffs and fine melodies. Perhaps it’s a bit too long – a classic LP format with ‘5 songs per side’ would have worked better – but seems the band returned full of inspiration and had many new songs to show.
And you can tell Maggie’s Madness has a renewed energy because the whole CD rocks with a bright punch.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Pushed to the Limit
02 – My Universe
03 – Made of Steel
04 – From Russia with Love
05 – Mr. Wonderful
06 – How Can a Good Thing Hurt so Bad
07 – No Chance
08 – Shut up!
09 – Lover Tag
10 – Turnaround
11 – What If…
12 – Me, Myself and I
13 – Watch out!

Lead & Backing Vocals: Eddie Rößler
Guitar & Backing Vocals: Franz Zellner
Guitar & Backing Vocals: Joe Bleicher
Keyboards & Backing Vocals: Wolfgang Lang
Bass & Backing Vocals: Peter C. Tobolla
Drums & Backing Vocals: Jo Schmidt


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