M3 [MARSDEN / MOODY / MURRAY] – Rough An’ Ready [remastered 2016]

M3 [Marsden Moody Murray] - Rough An' Ready [2016 reissue] full

One of you requested the reissue of this terrific M3 album “Rough An’ Ready” released by classic rock specialized UK label Talking Elephant with new artwork and refreshed sound.

Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and Neil Murray are widely known for their glorious days in Whitesnake. M3 is a band with exactly these original Whitesnake members playing Whitesnake songs, completed with the aforementioned Stefan Berggren on lead vocals, Jimmy Copley (ex Paul Rodgers, Gillian) on drums, and keyboard player Mark Stanway (ex Magnum).
Doogie White (Rainbow, Malmsteen, Schenker) appears as a guest vocalist.

M3 was the project put together by Marsden, Moody & Murray to perform all the classic songs that launched Whitesnake into the stadiums all over the world.
Recorded in front of a sold-out and fanatical crowd in June 2004, “Rough An’ Ready” replicates the golden age of Whitesnake with the very best of their blues based, hard rock repertoire.

Executed with passion and precision by the very members who first wrote and recorded this classic material, guitarists Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody along with bassist Neil Murray illustrate how ‘Snake’ greats such as ‘Crying in The Rain’, ‘Fool For Your Loving’, and ‘Don’t Break My Heart Again’ should be played – by the hands of the master craftsmen who first immortalized these tracks in the studio.
Also making a guest appearance there’s Doogie White singing in duet with Berggren on the immortal classic ‘Here I Go Again’ in a terrific version.

Through the band’s entire, perfect performance you have the chance to hear a bunch of songs I doubt I’ll ever hear again from Mr. Coverdale himself.
This really honest setlist of almost 90 minutes includes the mentioned classics – but I was thrilled to put myself in the spirit of forgotten jewels like ‘Walkin’ In The Shadow Of The Blues’, ‘Ready An’ Willing’, ‘Ain’t Gonna Cry No More’ and the excellent ‘Lonely Days, Lonely Nights’.
A brilliant output, with all the respect these songs must have.

M3 [Marsden Moody Murray] - Rough An' Ready [2016 reissue] back

The three M’s don’t have to prove anything to anyone. This record is an excellent contribution to the legacy of this legendary bluesy (then) Hard Rock band and the persuasion on their whole experience.
In addition, the rest of the participants show an ability of carrying out their mission in the best possible way, especially Stefan Berggren delivering an impressive performance.
No extravaganza, no wanna-be attitude, just perfect completion and respect to what they’re doing.

Are you wondering if this was a rip-off project? Hell, NO! The proof: the classic sound; Bernie’s and Mick’s guitar, Neil’s bass guitar… The distinction is crystal clear. Yeap, ‘bluesy’ Whitesnake existed before the ‘Americanized’ version (I love it, anyway) and these men are the living proof.
You gotta listen M3 “Rough An’ Ready” to believe it: the sound is incredible and the performances top notch.
Seriously, this is an awesome album.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Walking in the Shadow of the Blues
02 – Don’t Break My Heart Again
03 – Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
04 – Hit an’ Run
05 – Slow an’ Easy
06 – Ready an’ Willing
07 – Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
08 – Crying in the Rain
09 – Fool for Your Loving
10 – Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City
11 – Here I Go Again

Guitars – Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody
Bass – Neil Murray
Vocals – Stefan Berggren
Drums – Jimmy Copley (ex Paul Rodgers, Gillian)
Keyboards – Mark Stanway (ex Magnum)
Guest Vocals – Doogie White


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