LOUDNESS – Rise To Glory (2018)

LOUDNESS - Rise To Glory (2018) full

Pioneer Japanese act LOUDNESS will release their new album, “Rise To Glory“, world-wide on January 26, 2018. Yes, thankfully they have decided to release the new CD at the same time in Japan, Europe and America (the last North American release was On The Prowl in 1991).
“Rise To Glory” is packed with biting riffs, melody and positive vibes, mixing classic Loudness with a modern sound.

It’s a refreshed and vital Loudness we meet on this album. Some of the songs are a bit progressive, not least noticeable on the instrumental track “Kama Sutra”. As much as I love the straightforward classic metal / hard rock of much of Loudness’ back catalogue, it is great to hear new influences in the new music from this skilled band.
“Rise To Glory” somewhat reminds me of classic Loudness mixed with the more spaced out hard rock version of the band we heard on some of their records in the 90s, when they had several different short-lived line-ups (including shouter Michael Vescera) with guitarist Akira Takasaki the only constant member.

I have always felt that Takasaki has a unique guitar sound & tone and “Rise To Glory” sure showcases it. Combine that guitar punch with the stellar vocals of Minoru Niihara and you have a killer wall of sound coming at you.
Here are some standout tracks: the anthemic “Why and For Whom”, the kickin’ “I’m Still Alive” and also “Go For Broke”, which is reminiscent of that ’80s metal we all love so well.

“Rain” is my favourite track on the album. It’s a wonderful midtempo blending a semi-ballad feel with heaviness. Simply splendid.
“Go For Broke” is a great rocker of a song, and “I’m Still Alive” is a fantastic and energetic hard n’ heavy track. Loudness is indeed still alive.
You have an exclusive Europe / US bonus titles “Let’s All Rock”, a sharp hard rocker recalling the band’s more ‘Americanized’ sound from the late ’80s. There will be an expanded edition as well with the extra CD Samsara Flight – Re-Recorded Classics, already featured at 0dayrox some time ago in its Japanese release.

LOUDNESS - Rise To Glory (2018) back

In “Rise To Glory” there’s still plenty of Loudness’ trademark classic metal in the mix, but the band now lives in a broader, deeper, mature musical world with all sorts of influences. I love it.
Loudness is not trying to reinvent the wheel with their new music, which is fine by me, they are just adding another layer to their legacy of great rock n’ roll.
Strongly Recommended

01. 8118
02. Soul on Fire
03. I’m Still Alive
04. Go for Broke
05. Until I See the Light
06. The Voice
07. Massive Tornado
08. Kama Sutra
09. Rise to Glory
10. Why and for Whom
11. No Limits
12. Rain
13. Let’s All Rock (bonus track)

Akira Takasaki – Guitars
Minoru Niihara – Vocals
Masayoshi Yamashita – Bass
Masayuki “Ampan” Suzuki – Drums


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