KAYAK – Seventeen (2018)

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Legendary Dutch progressive outfit KAYAK has signed a worldwide deal with prestigious Prog Rock specialized label InsideOutMusic!, releasing today the band’s seventeenth studio album entitled… “Seventeen“.
If the CD title doesn’t show some imagination, don’t worry, the music inside is plenty of creative ideas and melodies.

Kayak was founded by keyboardist / composer Ton Scherpenzeel, who is the sole remaining original member, as the band release this seventeenth studio album.
Ton is joined in Kayak by singer Bart Schwertmann and guitarist Marcel Singor, plus additional members bassist Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex-Pain Of Salvation) and drummer Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse).

Kayak are a big name in their native Netherlands and rightly so based on this musical treat, that encompasses prog, pomp and even a little bit of musical in the grandiose arrangements on a couple of songs.
Take ‘Walk Through Fire’ a song that combines plenty of organ / keys / synths along with massed harmony vocals and a strong melody running throughout the song’s ten minutes.

The other epic on here ‘La Peregrina’ mixing classic melodic rock and the aforementioned musicals styling. Bart Schwertmann shows what a fine singer he is on this one and opener ‘Somebody’ – this song has a Queen sound and really reminded me of A.C.T., another fine band that successfully mixes progressive music with a big dose of melody and pomp.

The almost melodic hard rock ‘All That I Want’ could easily be lifted off a Frontiers release, with a big chorus and piano led melody, wonderful listening and impressive guitar solo by Marcel Singor.
The instrumental ‘Ripples On The Water’ features a special guest appearance from Camel’s Andy Latimer and needless to say it sounds a lot like Camel. Ton Scherpenzeel had apparently written this piece of music with Camel in mind.

KAYAK - Seventeen (2018) back

Hopefully “Seventeen” will see Kayak gain much wider recognition in the progressive music world and beyond. It has all the ingredients to appeal not only Prog Rock fans, but also Melodic Rock, Pomp and a bit of Pop.
Very Recommended

01. Somebody
02. La Peregrina
03. Falling
04. Feathers And Tar
05. Walk Through Fire
06. Ripples On The Water
07. All That I Want
08. X Marks The Spot
09. God On Our Side
10. Love, Sail Away
11. Cracks
12. To An End

Ton Scherpenzeel – keyboards
Bart Schwertmann – vocals
Marcel Singor – guitar
Kristoffer Gildenlöw – bass
Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse) – drums
Andy Latimer (Camel) – guest guitar


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