HOT BLOODED – The Foreigner Experience (2018)

HOT BLOODED - The Foreigner Experience (2018) full

In a similar fashion of ‘A Foreigners Journey’, the excellent Foreigner / Journey Tribute already featured here at 0dayrox, “HOT BLOODED – The Foreigner Experience” is a tribute show exclusively focused on Foreigner classics.
Sanctioned by guitarist Mick Jones (Foreigner founder), this tribute band are releasing the CD “The Foreigner Experience”, including performances so close to the originals that you will be amazed.

I don’t know if this type of tribute needs to be put on CD, in fact these are combos designed for live performances. But these guys are so good musicians – extremely professional – that it’s a real pleasure to hear their own studio recordings.
Of course, HOT BLOODED arrangements are faithful to the originals, however they put a special twist on some solos and multi-part harmonies.

All are hits, from ‘Double Vision’ and ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You’ to ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ and ‘Juke Box Hero’.
With stunning ability to emulate the incredible vocals of Lou Gramm, lead singer Matt Newton delivers an amazing performance from the very first note, with each member adding their own strong vocal talent.

HOT BLOODED - The Foreigner Experience (2018) back

“HOT BLOODED – The Foreigner Experience” is a great re-visited classic Foreigner hits record, professionally recorded at the studio with a top notch sound production.
Highly Recommended

01. Double Vision
02. Long, Long Way from Home
03. Waiting for a Girl Like You
04. Say You Will
05. Cold as Ice
06. Blue Morning, Blue Day
07. Midnight Blue
08. Urgent
09. Feels Like the First Time
10. I Want to Know What Love Is
11. Juke Box Hero
12. Hot Blooded

Matt Newton – Lead Vocals
Phil Shouse – Guitars. Vocals
Brook Hansen – Keyboards, Vocals
Al Lewis – Drums. Vocals
Eric Tuttobene – Bass, Vocals


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