GIRLSCHOOL – Screaming Blue Murder [SHM-CD MiniLP +11] Out Of Print

GIRLSCHOOL - Screaming Blue Murder [SHM-CD MiniLP +11] Out Of Print - full

One of you asked for the out of print, Limited Edition Japanese miniLP of GIRLSCHOOL‘s most famous albums pressed on high quality SHM-CD. “Screaming Blue Murder” is the third studio album by the British pioneer female act, in this reissue including 11 bonus tracks, a true ‘expanded edition’.

During the first half of the ’80s, GIRLSCHOOL was a blast in the boiling NWOBHM scene. All girls doin’ metal? Really? And it worked like a charm.
Numerous magazine covers, sold-out tours, and a string of hit singles.
By 1982 and while recording this this 3rd effort, founding bassist Enid Williams left GIRLSCHOOL arguing artistic differences. Indeed, times were changing and both the recording label and the girls wanted a more commercial, mainstream appeal sound.

So the sessions for “Screaming Blue Murder” found the band breaking in new arrival Ghislaine “Gil” Weston, bass player and very good vocalist as well (she does lead vocals on tracks 7 & 10).
There’s a forceful number on the opener (title track), and a flashy edgy rocker in lead-off single ‘Don’t Call It Love’ with more melodic vocals and great riffs.
One of my favorites is the rollicking, bass-pumped ‘Wildlife’ featuring a very good guitar work, while the catchy ‘When Your Blood Runs Cold’ rocks with style.

I don’t know if the cover of the Stones’ ‘Live With Me’ was necessary, but ‘Take It from Me’ has a great hard rock pulse, ‘HellRazor’ comes indeed sharp and energetic in a 2 & a half minute, and the girls try something different with the unusual closer ‘Flesh And Blood’, with its clean guitars and whispered vocals by newcomer Gil Weston, a quite a brave experiment for this kind of band.

GIRLSCHOOL - Screaming Blue Murder [SHM-CD MiniLP +11] Out Of Print - back

We have as well a bunch of bonus including the non-album track ‘Don’t Stop’ (B-side of the EP Wildlife) plus a killer BBC Radio Concert, recorded live in London, June 9, 1982 showcasing GIRLSCHOOL in the plenitude of their effervescence.
Very good release, as usual, with the superb Japanese SHM-CD quality.
0dayrox Team is always eager to fulfill everyone’s requests, if it’s out there, we’ll do our best. And here’s another one (more to come).
Highly Recommended piece of ’80s rock.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01. Screaming Blue Murder
02. Live With Me
03. Take It from Me
04. Wildlife
05. It Turns Your Head Around
06. Don’t Call It Love
07. HellRazor
08. When Your Blood Runs Cold
09. You Got Me
10. Flesh and Blood
BONUS TRACKS: BBC In Concert: Live in London 09/06/1982
11. Don’t Stop (B-side of the EP Wildlife)
12. Screaming Blue Murder (Live)
13. You Got Me (Live)
14. When Your Blood Runs Cold (Live)
15. Hit and Run (Live)
16. Turns Your Heads Around (Live)
17. Wildlife (Live)
18. Take It All Away (Live)
19. Emergency (Live)
20. C’Mon Let’s Go (Live)
21. Tush (ZZ Top cover) (Live)

Kim McAuliffe – rhythm guitar, lead vocals on tracks
Kelly Johnson – lead guitar, lead vocals
Enid Williams – bass, lead vocals on track 11
Gil Weston – bass, lead vocals on tracks 7, 10
Denise Dufort – drums


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