GIRLSCHOOL – Guilty As Sin (2015)

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This album was requested by one of you and well worth a proper listening. British all-female metal legend GIRLSCHOOL decided to publish their newest record “Guilty As Sin“, their album number 13, on a Friday 13 – what could be cooler?
The four girls from London recorded a new piece of work which rocks hard showing a revitalized Girlschool.

Girlschool might have had their ups and their downs, but they always stayed real and authentic, blending straight riffs with some ‘angry’ choruses. Therefore it doesn’t surprise that also the new record is full of songs that are somewhere between metal (riffs), hard rock (melody and groove) and post-punk pop (energy and attitude).
“Guilty as Sin” is best when the girls push the pedal to the medal. “Take It Like a Band” belongs to those tunes, but also the furious “Night Before” marks a highlight on the longplayer.
“Come the Revolution”, the opener, comes with a more moderate pace and with a lot of groove, and also the slightly Californian midtempo “Painful” belongs to the outstanding tunes on the CD.

Another favorite is the title track “Guilty As Sin”, somehow reminding the early ’80s LA scene, akin the very first Motley Crue.
Next to those cool tracks there is a song title that sticks out; “Staying Alive”. Did the girls cover the Bee Gee’s song? Yes, they did and the created a pretty fresh version out of this disco classic turning it groovy & rockin’. The original version is still recognisable, but the way the four girls arranged it gives the tunes a real blues rock expression with some crunchy guitars that remind a lot of ZZ Top.

GIRLSCHOOL - Guilty As Sin - back

Produced by legendary Chris Tsangarides the new record got an excellent sound that supports the trademarks of Girlschool, but adds a welcomed brilliance bringing to mind some early ’90s major hard rock productions.
Much, much better than I expected, “Guilty As Sin” rocks greatly, an album that smells like smoke, denim and leather.
Very Recommended.

01 – Come The Revolution
02 – Take It Like A Band
03 – Guilty As Sin
04 – Treasure
05 – Awkward Position
06 – Staying Alive
07 – Perfect Storm
08 – Painful
09 – Night Before
10 – Everybody Loves (Saturday Night)
11 – Coming Your Way
12 – Tonight

Kim McAuliffe: Vocals and Guitar
Enid Williams: Vocals and Bass
Jackie Chambers: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Denise Dufort: Drums


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