GALAHAD – Seas Of Change (2018)

GALAHAD - Seas Of Change (2018) full

Formed in 1985, GALAHAD are part of the second wave of British Prog. The band are releasing a new album titled “Seas Of Change“, and while GALAHAD are not strangers to this blog, we have omitted their latest releases because of its – for us – uninteresting, ‘techno’ orientated sound.
But things have changed for “Seas Of Change”; this is a comeback to the earlier ‘traditional’ GALAHAD style, a true progressive record which incorporates many changes of tempo, mood and arrangements, alongside melody.

A proof of real Prog in “Seas Of Change” is that the album consists of just one forty three minute track, which twists and turns creating a full on no holds barred prog/rock rollercoaster of an album.
The CD also includes as bonus tracks two ‘Extended Edit’ songs.

“Seas Of Change” is also the first album to feature Lee Abraham on all guitars following his re-joining of the band in the Spring of 2017.
Lee is already familiar to the band and a fully paid up part of the Galahad family having been the band’s bass player from 2005 to 2009 and appearing on one of their most critically and commercially successful albums ‘Empires Never Last’ as well as on a couple of live albums.

GALAHAD - Seas Of Change (2018) disc

Musically, “Seas Of Change” features just the five main Galahad members plus long term honorary member Sarah Bolter who makes an appearance on flute, clarinet and soprano sax.
Mixed and mastered by engineer / producer extraordinaire Karl Groom (Threshold, Pendragon, Arena, etc.) the sound in “Seas Of Change” is crisp clear, with all instruments coming out at their own.

There’s ethereal passages in ‘Storms are a Comin”, a busy interplay on ‘Up in Smoke’, and a melodic accessbility (akin Asia) in ‘Sea of Uncertainty’.
The excellent ‘Dust’ brings to mind early Marillion, while the epic ‘Up in Smoke’ features the best vocals on the record, reminiscent of Arena.

GALAHAD - Seas Of Change (2018) back

“Seas Of Change” showcases GALAHAD returning to form, expanding the band’s sound palette whilst still retaining their original neo-prog, melodic essence.
If you like the early GALAHAD style (with an updated, modern production) and the bands mentioned above as comparison, you need to check this new album.
VERT Recommended

1. Seas Of Change
I. Storms are a Comin’
II. Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen
III. The Great Unknown
IV. Sea of Uncertainty
V. Up in Smoke
VI. A Sense of Revolution
VII. Dust
VIII. ‘Tis but a Dream
IX. As Time Fades
X. Mare’s Nest
XI. The Greater Unknown
XII. Storms are a Comin’ (Reprise)
2. Dust (Extended Edit)
3. Smoke (Extended Edit)

Stu Nicholson – Vocals
Dean Baker – Keyboards, Orchestration
Spencer Luckman – Drums, Percussion
Tim Ashton – Bass
Lee Abraham – Guitars
Sarah Bolter – Flute, Clarinet, Soprano Sax


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