FIRE TIGER – Energy [ecopack CD version]

FIRE TIGER - Energy [ecopack CD version] full

After the lovely new album by FIRE TIGER featured here, one of you asked for the band’s debut “Energy“. This CD takes you back to the days when you could dance around in your room to the latest videos on MTV, via catchy poppy melodic rock melodies and its feel-good vibe.

The days of watching the top 20 on MTV may be long gone, there are still few decent videos on youtube, stations devoted it to, and (of course) album still released on CD / LP.
Yes, from their band name FIRE TIGER to the look and sound of the decade where leg warmers were a fashion statement you can’t go wrong: FIRE TIGER are pure ’80s.

While all the songs are entertaining, there are a few in particular I really like most.
The first being their title track, ‘Energy’. It’s a fast-paced tune that makes you want to get up and sing your ‘air microphone’. The vocals keep with the fun vibe of the song, occasionally going into a falsetto.

FIRE TIGER - Energy [ecopack CD version] cd

‘The Same Old Song’ shows a deeper side to lead singer Tiff James’ register while having a more moody vibe than some of the others.
‘Count Dracula’ not only has an awesome title, but a sound that’s straight out of an ’80s horror film soundtrack.

Finally, I really enjoyed ‘He Has Changed’. It’s a soft ballad that reminds me of what a young Robin Beck would do back in the day. The vocals range from husky and contemplating to strong and assured.

FIRE TIGER - Energy [ecopack CD version] back

As happened with FIRE TIGER’s recent album, “Energy” is a ten-song collection that will seriously leave you wondering what year it is.
Everything from the vocals to the music is true classic ’80s Melodic poppy Rock with a classic FM radio production.
Highly Recommended

01 – Fancy War Dance
02 – Energy
03 – The Same Old Song
04 – Looking at Us
05 – Just
06 – Count Dracula
07 – Wall of Technology
08 – Watching You
09 – Green Light
10 – He Has Changed

Tiffany Alkouri – vocals, percussion
James Ramsey – keys, guitar, vocals
Jordan Lucas – guitar
Chris Cuomo – bass
Tyler Moore – drums


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