DANTE FOX – Under The Seven Skies [re-release]

DANTE FOX - Under The Seven Skies [re-release] download

One of you asked for this DANTE FOX album refresh. Dante Fox is without a doubt one of the best female fronted Melodic Rock / AOR bands from the last twenty years. Not so long ago they returned after a pretty long hiatus with a splendid a new album and a very good show at Firefest.
But there’s also more news in the headquarters commanded by Sue Willetts & Tim Manford; from now on the band manages all aspects of their art.
Not happy with the promotion and support given by the band’s former label, Dante Fox has recovered the rights of their recordings and reissued their great CD “Under The Seven Skies“.

“Under The Seven Skies” was the more Melodic Hard Rock oriented album in Dante’s career mixing sharp guitars with the group’s trademark AOR melodies.
There’s impactful upbeat rockin’ numbers like opener “The Last Goodbye”, “Walking The Line” and “Firing Guns”, easily the more melodic ‘hard’ tracks the band has recorded so far.

Of course we have pure melodic rockers in “Hold Out Your Hand”, “Save Me” or “Lucky One’s”, and beautiful AOR tunes such as “Goodbye To Yesterday” (one of my favorites) and the classy “Love Tried To Find You”.
Last but not least we have the title track “Under The Seven Skies”, which at 8:59 minutes it’s a great Melodic Rock song of epic proportions combining the band’s softer and rocking sides.

DANTE FOX - Under The Seven Skies [re-release]  booklet

“Under The Seven Skies” remains unheard by many Melodic Rock lovers which is a shame as it is one of the finest recordings of the genre speaking about female fronted acts. Sue’s vocal delivery is the most intense of her career here while the guitar work is crunchier than in the previous albums.
This re-release by the band is not remastered as there’s no need of it, “Under The Seven Skies” is a recent recording where production and mastering was really good.

So if you have the original release you’re done. But as said, this CD passed unnoticed for many so this is a renewed opportunity to get this cracking piece of female fronted Melodic Rock which commands your attention – make sure your collection is completed with this truly fine album.

01 – The Last Goodbye
02 – Firing Guns
03 – Hold Out Your Hand
04 – Breakin’ Me Down
05 – Goodbye To Yesterday
06 – Walking The Line
07 – Love Tried To Find You
08 – Save Me
09 – Lucky One’s (Born Tonight In The Setting Sun)
10 – Under The Seven Skies

Sue Willets: Vocals
Tim Manford: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mike Dagnall: Bass, Backing Vocals
Roman Wieckowski: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Mick Hales: Drums, Percussion
Tony Mills: guest Backing Vocals


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