Best Melodic Rock album 2017 #2 : DEGREED – Degreed [Japan Edition +1] (2017)

DEGREED - Degreed [Japan Edition +1] (2017) full

End of the year / beginning of 2018, it’s time to recap about the best 2017 releases, by category.
DEGREED surpassed themselves with their new, self-titled 2017 album. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Essential release.

Since 2005 and album after album, Stockholm natives DEGREED have developed into masters of modern Melodic Hard Rock, and on this new, 2017 self-titled album, the band has reached the sky. “Degreed” comprises a collection of hard hitting, imaginatively-produced and utterly irresistible tunes, some of the best you’ll get this year.
This Japanese Edition includes as bonus track the song ‘Lost & Found’, another must have killer rocker to complete this terrific album.

As the saying goes, it’s all killer, no filler, and before the end of 2017, within the group’s chosen genre there are likely to be few better songs than the brilliant ‘Tomorrow’.
What’s the key on “Degreed” (the album) success?
Simply put; terrific songs – the best the band ever wrote – and a new sonic ‘approach’ trying to offer something innovative and fresh to the genre.

“Degreed” hooks you from the first moment with such outstanding songs as ‘Sugar’, ‘Save Me’ or the aforementioned ‘Tomorrow’. These are cuts extremely catchy, with a contagious feel at first listen.
Yeah, grand part of the impact of these songs must be thanked to the perfect production, punchy, vital, clear. The sound obtained on this album is simply spectacular.

DEGREED - Degreed [Japan Edition +1] (2017) disc

Ballad ‘If Love Is A Game’ is terrific, with a magical atmosphere created by beautiful keys and Robin Ericsson’s stripped voice surrounded by velvety arranged harmonies / backing vocals.
‘Evil Eye’ kick you in the face with its furious riff and modernism, which, however, it’s pure classic melodic rock in its foundation. With ‘War’ Degreed show their heavier side, but done with class and that pristine sound.

Then ‘Lay Me Down’ is trademark Degreed: midtempo with crescendos, intense guitar riffs and smooth vocals.
For the end, they surprise us with ‘Silence’, a catchy, rapid rocker with an Euro style akin Pink Cream 69 or Khymera, and some swirling guitar solos all over.

DEGREED - Degreed [Japan Edition +1] (2017) back

Ladies & Gentlemen, be prepared to listen the future kings of modern melodic rock: Degreed. If properly promoted – and I think so as they have a strong record label – this band and this album tour will pack some arenas.
Degreed are the future of Melodic Hard Rock; modern but with a true melodious nature, with an appealing sound apt for all generations, and darn catchy, awesome songs.
One of the ‘albums of the year’.
Simply Devastating


01 – Sugar
02 – Shakedown
03 – Save Me
04 – Tomorrow
05 – Animal
06 – If Love Is A Game
07 – Evil Eye
08 – War!
09 – Lay Me Down
10 – Nature Of The Beast
11 – Silence
12 – Lost & Found (Japan bonus track)

Robin Ericsson – Vocals / Bass
Mats Ericsson – Drums
Micke Jansson – Keyboards
Daniel Johansson – Guitar / Backing Vocals



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