AUDREY HORNE – Blackout [Limited First Edition Digipak +2] (2018)

AUDREY HORNE - Blackout [Limited First Edition Digipak +2] (2018) full

Three years after the much-praised Pure Heavy album, AUDREY HORNE will release “Blackout” which arrives with the force of a massive rock n’ roll party – out on January 12th via Napalm Records. These Norwegians know how to create catchy, bigger than life rock music with riff-soaked fury anthems.

“Blackout” comprises ten new songs that stand in the tradition of the earlier releases. Audrey Horne built the new album on some classic rock roots and hard influences from the 70s / early 80s.
The major point of reference is Thin Lizzy, whose distinctive tone and style informs virtually every aspect of the album and are especially detectable on “This One”, pining closer “Rose Alley” and the title-track.
Nevertheless, the album is also persistently sprinkled with overt references to further classic rock staples.

The chorus of title track “Blackout” also distinctly brings to mind Pat Benatar‘s Hit Me With Your Best Shot with its lyrics and phrasing, and the same can be said of explosive opener “This Is War” which introduces its chorus by name-checking Rush‘s “Fly By Night” and parodies Blondie‘s “Call Me” in its verse.

AUDREY HORNE - Blackout [Limited First Edition Digipak +2] (2018) inside

There are also a more Eighties oriented stuff. “Midnight” is a fist-pumping, stadium anthem, while “Satellite” is a surprisingly effective and irresistible disco-hard rock number, and the super-charged “Light Your Way” comes off across a successor to Deep Purple‘s Highway Star.
It’s the galloping “Rose Alley” that rounds off another excellent Audrey Horne album. This first CD edition includes, as usual, 2 bonus tracks.

“Blackout” is one of the best album from Audrey Horne’s career. It excels at what it does – classic rock / hard rock – and is delivered with an energy and conviction that bring to mind their debut record.
“Blackout” is more than just some songs on a CD. It showcases a band that has a distilled rock’n’roll vibe running through their veins, leading to another album with a real ‘wow factor’. This is a perfect summer album, and one which is sure to inspire raised glasses and nodding heads for years to come.
Highly Recommended

01 – This Is War
02 – Audrevolution
03 – Blackout
04 – This One
05 – Midnight Man
06 – Light Your Way
07 – California
08 – Satellite
09 – Naysayer
10 – Rose Alley
11 – Juggernaut (Bonus Track)
12 – The End (Bonus Track)

Toschie – Vocals
Ice Dale – Guitar
Thomas Tofthagen – Guitar
Kjetil Greve – Drums
Espen Lien – Bass


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