AFTER HOURS – After Hours [Japanese release] Out of Print

AFTER HOURS - After Hours [Japanese release] Out of Print - full

This is a special entry here because 0dayrox focuses on new releases or remastered reissues. But this album was requested by one of you and truly deserve a place into all Melodic Rock / AOR fans collection.
We have already featured here AFTER HOURS‘ first album in its remastered form and while this, their second, self-titled effort “After Hours” newer received a fresh sonic treatment, this Japanese pressing it’s the best version you can get from this fabulous record.

After the quite successful debut titled ‘Take Off’ and tours in Germany, England and Scandinavia, future looked really promising for After Hours. But then some internal troubles appeared, and the recording label dropped the band.
Anyway, they keep working on new compositions locked at Rockfield Studios in Wales and started to demo the new songs.

At this point, After Hours’ management secured a new deal with a small record company called Global Satellite based in Germany. They wanted the band in Munich at their studios to record the second album.
But three of the band members decided to leave, Martin Walls, Mark Addison and Andy Nye. Martin emigrated to Canada, Mark went to university and Andy moved on to another project.

AFTER HOURS - After Hours [Japanese release] booklet

This then left vocalist John Francis and guitar player Tim Payne to complete the recording of the second album with help from the producer, Mal Luker, and his staff at the studio.
Second album “After Hours” was released in 1989 only in Germany, on cassette / tape format. This harmed the band exposure and both Francis & Payne decided to call it a day.

Fortunately, “After Hours” was later finally pressed on CD in 1992, and a year after, appeared this Japanese edition, now of of print.
“After Hours” is a little gem. Aiming to the American market, the album still retains its British flavor, but heavily influenced by the late 80s US Melodic Rock / AOR sound.

Musically it’s like crossroad between the early After Hours, Dare and Journey, plenty of catchiness and smooth melodies. My favorite cut is the incredible, awesome ‘You’re Never Alone’, but all are winners.

AFTER HOURS - After Hours [Japanese release] Out of Print back

‘It’s Only Love’ is primo 80s stuff, ‘Heartache’ and ‘Blood On Silver’ add some biting guitars over Francis’ slightly raspy tenor vocals, while ‘Samantha’ is a top class power ballad that should have been huge at the singles chart.

“After Hours” is a fantastic Melodic Rock / AOR album with that 1989’s feel both in sound and songwritng. You can’t go wrong with this pearl of an album, a 10-track winner essential in your collection.

01 – Wild Woman
02 – Girl Like You
03 – You’re Never Alone
04 – Samantha
05 – Love Games
06 – Heartache
07 – It’s Only Love
08 – Blood On Silver
09 – Goin’ Surfin’
10 – Tommy’s Song

John Francis – lead & backing vocals
Tim Payne – guitar, backing vocals
Dave Marshall – bass, backing vocals
Andy Nye, Vladi, Daniel Brock – keyboards
Allan Jackman – drums, percussion
Mike Frye – percussion
Chris Ellis – backing vocals

Out of Print

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