SILKED AND STAINED – Love On The Road (2017)

SILKED AND STAINED - Love On The Road (2017) full

We have already presented SILKED AND STAINED first single in one of our Advanced Samplers, now let’s check “Love On The Road“, the band’s full length debut to be released on 18 December 2017 via Lion’s Pride Music.
This Greek 4-piece plays timeless Melodic Hard Rock, more oriented to the American style circa 87′ – 92′, with a punchy sound and bright production.

The title “Love On The Road” makes some reference to the band’s quite intense shows having played many gigs since formed in the late 2013, including dates with Wild Rose, Lionville, Jaded Heart, Hell In The Club and many more.
You can hear that obviously all the songs in the album have been honed & tested live as all are really polished with SILKED AND STAINED sounding like well-oiled rocking machine.

There’s only 9 songs here but all good, no filler. The guys decided to put only the best on their debut, and this works wonders as “Love On The Road” resulted a strong, effective 39 minutes of pretty killer Melodic Hard Rock.
‘Bombshell’ kicks-off in a such impressive way; a heavy riffing, a totally late ’80s sound and, of course, a catchy and memorable chorus line as the cherry on top. It’s a killer rocker and a great choice to open the CD.

‘Hold My Hand’ is a feel-good, foot tapping melodic rocker with some AOR waves where the solid vocals of Bill Tsaklidis perfectly complements Tony Gavalas’ sweet guitar work. I should mention the great rhythm section too – all over the disc delivering a precise foundation – crisp & clear in the mix.
‘Much Love’ is a splendid melodic song with great harmonies and an addictive chorus. Love the background keys on one of the disc highlights.

‘She’s not There’ y ‘Believe’ are both driving, almost danceable rockers lead by sharp guitar riffs, while the ballad on the album, ‘Anytime’, is simply beautiful, with a pulsating melody all over.
There’s a pumping midtempo in ‘Lonely Road’ with a meaty rhythm section and quite razor guitars stinging here and there, and what you can expect from a song titled ‘Rockstar’? Yeah pure rockin’ arena stuff.
Last track ‘Born to Run’ is designed to cruise some LA highway with the stereo cranked to 11, a kickin’ melodic hard rocker with a pure early ’90s heart.

SILKED AND STAINED surprised me in many ways with their debut CD: killer songs, stupendous musicianship (all are really good, believe me) and an impressive production sound.
Honestly, it doesn’t feels like a debut album, all is truly polished with a crisp output.
“Love On The Road” is classic Melodic Hard Rock, and very, very well done.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Bombshell
02 – Hold My Hand
03 – Much Love
04 – She’s Not There
05 – Anytime
06 – Lonely Road
07 – Believe
08 – Rockstar
09 – Born to Run

Bill Tsaklidis – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Tony Gavalas – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tommy Fotiadis – Bass
Orpheus Lazz – Drums, Backing Vocals


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