SHADOWQUEEN – Living Madness (2017)

SHADOWQUEEN - Living Madness (2017) full

Aussie trio SHADOWQUEEN took some time to record their just released 2nd effort “Living Madness“, but well worth the wait. The Melbourne based band caught our ears with their debut album Don’t Tell via the great vocals from Robbi Zana, piledriving riffs and an irresistible urgency. Thankfully the band have retained all the key ingredients that characterized the first album, now augmented by a punchy modern production.

As a general rule, rock bands from Australia have one thing in common: strength of the songwriting and / or the production values. Shadowqueen have no issues with either aspects: whether it’s feisty opener ‘Ruin Me’, the swagger of ‘Waiting On You’, or another album standout, ‘Someday’.

SHADOWQUEEN - Living Madness (2017) INSIDE

Robbi’s looks and larynx may evoke P!NK but the overall appeal will be to lovers of the recent Lee Aaron album, some modern approach ala Halestorm, and why not, vintage Heart yet with an updated, fresh sound.
However, Shadowqueen owns a striking consistency that sometimes eludes more familiar names.

The band line-up is still the same as on the first album: founder Si Hopman (guitar) and Alex Deegan (drums). So expect a very well oiled machine honed by years of touring and rehearsals.
Hopman in particular creates all over “Living Madness” a full sonic platform for Robbi’s vocal flights and perhaps best demonstrated on ‘Tonight’.

SHADOWQUEEN - Living Madness (2017) back

It’s all fairly upbeat throughout and this lack of light and shade is perhaps the only critical observation (same with the debut). But it’s clear that Shadowqueen aim is to rock, and they do.
Now, with two very strong albums under their belts, all Shadowqueen need is a good support slot on a European tour to bring their infectious rockin’ music to a wider audience.
Very Recommended

01 – Ruin Me
02 – Open Up Your Eyes
03 – Waiting On You
04 – Sacred Ground
05 – Tonight
06 – Unconditional
07 – Call My Name
08 – Now & Then
09 – Someday
10 – Burning
11 – Stars

Robbi Zana – Vocals, Bass & Keyboards
Si Hopman – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Alex Deegan – Drums & Backing Vocals


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