ROBERT PALMER – Riptide [HD Remaster Paper Sleeve LP replica]

ROBERT PALMER - Riptide [HD Remaster Paper Sleeve] download

One of the most underrated artists in popular music, English singer, songwriter & gentleman ROBERT PALMER gained the reputation as something of a maverick. There was no consistent style between his albums, which many put down to his keenness to adapt his musical output to the trends of the time. He has done everything; blues, soul, funk-disco and new wave, but yes, also rock or power rock&pop if you prefer.
Palmer’s 1985 chart topper “Riptide” is his best and most iconic album, and now it’s being reissued in an incredible remastered HQ sound Deluxe CD Paper Sleeve Vinyl Replica by the specialized label Culture Factory.

I don’t know you, but for me, Palmer’s supergroup The Power Station and their debut album released at the very beginning of 1985 still is one of my favorite ’80s power rock&pop recordings from that glorious decade.
Coming on the heels of the massive success of The Power Station, “Riptide” (released in November, 1985) packages a similar musical punch whilst giving more prominence to Palmer’s unique vocal sound into a commercial series of mostly rocking songs that seem custom-tailored to be chart hits.
As soon as you hear the album’s signature tune “Addicted To Love”, you might as well be on the set of Miami Vice cruising around the sun drench strip in pastel suits and aviator sunglasses.

The Power Station connection threatens to overpower Palmer’s usually more eclectic musical interest, but with that band’s producer/member Bernard Edwards handling production duties and members Andy Taylor and Tony Thompson contributing as well, stylistic similarities were inevitable… and welcomed.
“Flesh Wound” with its squelching staccato guitars and tribal drums indeed sounds like ‘Some Like It Hot’, and together with the vital “Discipline Of Love” both come straight off the mid ’80s production line. And I love it.

ROBERT PALMER - Riptide [HD Remaster Paper Sleeve] CD

However, there are plenty of moments in this disc where Robert shows his versatility. The spare, synclavier heavy, reinterpretation of Earl King’s “Trick Bag” showcases Palmer’s awesome blues voice and makes one question why he didn’t do more of this stuff in his lifetime.
This is neatly juxtaposed by the silky smooth, ultra-yuppie (this pure ’80s my friends), slow burner “Get It Through Your Heart” and marvellously betrays his crooner credentials. Another cut full of his innate sense of rhythm comes in the stylized “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On”, where as plus Eddie Martinez (David Lee Roth band) provides a free lesson on how to track down ‘dry’ percussive pin-up guitars.

If there was ever an album which defined yuppie-dom (with the good and the bad of it) and consequently the pure mid-’80s sounds & stylings, it is this one. “Riptide” showcases the energy, atmosphere and sheer joy of that decade wrapped by an impeccable production.
This Culture Factory limited edition / high quality remastered release (96 kHz / 24 BIT) is the ‘state of the art’, reproducing meticulously as well all the components of the original LP with authentic gatefold cardboard jacket and paper sleeves.
Yes, to me, this is a must have.

01 – Riptide
02 – Hyperactive
03 – Addicted To Love
04 – Trick Bag
05 – Get It Through Your Heart
06 – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
07 – Flesh Wound
08 – Discipline Of Love
09 – Riptide (Reprise)

Robert Palmer – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards
Bernard Edwards – Bass, Production
Tony Thompson – Drums
Eddie Martinez – Guitar
Andy Taylor – Guitar (track 3)
Donny Wynn – Drums (tracks 5, 8)
Guy Pratt – Bass (track 8)
Jeff Bova, Wally Badarou Jack Waldman – Keyboards
Lenny Pickett – Horns
Benny Diggs, Fonzi Thornton – Background Vocals (track 3)
Chaka Khan – Vocal Arrangement (track 3)


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  1. bolder says:

    Great album, sadly, too short.

  2. Great site… thanks for keeping it up! I was wondering if you could possibly re-up this remaster of "Riptide" from Robert Palmer. I would surely appreciate it!
    Thanks, in advance!

  3. 0dayroxx says:

    Sure, very good album. Coming up.

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