PETER CETERA – Solitude•Solitaire [Japan edition remastered – Forever Young series] Out Of Print

PETER CETERA - Solitude-Solitaire [Japan edition remastered - Forever Young series] Out Of Print - full

One of you asked for the Japanese remaster of PETER CETERA‘s “Solitude / Solitaire“, released as part of the Forever Young Series now out of print. Perhaps the best solo album from the former CHICAGO bassist & vocalist, with a typically Eighties sound (1986) and featuring exquisite session musicians like guitar master Dann Huff and TOTO’s Jeff Porcaro.

This is Peter Cetera first solo album after leaving CHICAGO in 1985, with most the songs co-written by him with guru producer Michael Omartian. Because Cetera had been a prominent songwriter for his former band, many of the songs on “Solitude / Solitaire” were rumored to originally have been slated for Chicago 18 album.
In fact, “Solitude / Solitaire” marked a high point in the singer’s career, and sold more copies than Chicago 18, the first album without Cetera.

Capitalizing a little cross-marketing for the movie The Karate Kid – Part II, Cetera’s gallant “Glory Of Love” (track 3 here) served as the film’s theme and became a major hit, as well as defined his post-Chicago sound — essentially without the horns, with one ultra-slick L.A. producer in Michael Omartian.

PETER CETERA - Solitude-Solitaire [Japan edition remastered - Forever Young series] booklet

Indeed, “Solitude / Solitaire” is a a slickly recorded and produced album with a pristine, crystal clear sound so mid-80s and highlighting Cetera’s excellent tenor vocals and gift for melody.
This album is best known for the two #1 singles that define Cetera’s solo career for many people: the mentioned “Glory Of Love” , and “The Next Time I Fall,” his duet with singer Amy Grant. Had these songs been performed by almost any other mainstream singer I probably would have dismissed them, but because of his unmistakable vocals I unabashedly adore them both.

But “Solitude / Solitaire” is much more than those singles, mostly ranging from upbeat rock&pop to lite AOR with Westcoast touches, all with the expected sheen of the era.
Great rhythm guitars drive “Big Mistake”, a track that shows off a more aggressive vocal approach that fans of Cetera previous album would enjoy, and “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To” is a radio-friendly track which might have been a hit if fans and record label not been clamoring for more ballads.
“Queen Of The Masquerade Ball,” “Daddy’s Girl”, title track and “Wake Up To Love” are all essentially synth-based songs with smooth grooves that are elevated by his voice and some catchy melodies.

PETER CETERA - Solitude-Solitaire [Japan edition remastered - Forever Young series] back

This Japanese remaster corrects the flat sound of the original CD release, and everything comes out in full.
“Solitude / Solitaire” is pure ’80s, and while stubborn rock fans may hate it, Peter Cetera’s solo material is worth checking out, especially if you ever loved his voice during his Chicago years.
Production is top notch, as well performances of all involved.
Track 2 is titled ‘They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To’… Indeed.
HIGHLY Recommended

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Warner Music Japan ~ WPCR-75548
P E T E R   C E T E R A / Forever Young Series

01 – Big Mistake
02 – They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To
03 – Glory Of Love
04 – Queen Of The Masquerade Ball
05 – Daddy’s Girl
06 – The Next Time I Fall
07 – Wake Up To Love
08 – Solitude / Solitaire
09 – Only Love Knows Why

Peter Cetera – vocals, bass
Dann Huff – electric guitars
Ray Parker, Jr. – electric guitars on “Wake Up to Love”
Paul Leim, Chester Thompson – drums
Kenny Cetera – percussion, additional backing vocals
Jeff Porcaro – percussion
Michael Omartian – keyboards, producer
Willie Alexander, Steve Azbill – Fairlight programming
Erich Bulling – synthesizers, drum programming
Amy Grant – vocals on “The Next Time I Fall”

Out Of Print

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