Mr. RIOT – My Life, My Road (2017)

Mr. RIOT - My Life, My Road (2017) full

My Life, My Road” is the new album from Italian melodic hard rockers MR. RIOT, and the craziest thing about it is that the band already call its day before the release. A shame, because these guys were among the most promising acts from the genre, at least from Italy.
Indeed, MR. RIOT presented a very solid debut three years ago, and this “My Life, My Road” – their second and final album – showcases a mature songwriting, some terrific performances and a bright production.

“My Life, My Road” was recorded early this year, but MR. RIOT decided to break up few months ago. This happened in good terms, and the group decided on releasing the album anyway.
And glad they did it because it’s a pretty killer melodic hard rock song collection.
Late ’80s American melodic hard rock is the real spirit of the entire album, hooky n’ catchy, plus infectious choruses in the current Scandinavian vein.

Since starter “All The Promises” you’ll be surprised by the crystal clear, polished production. This is a racing number, but the pre-chorus is highly harmonized, and the main chorus is catchy with modern keys in the background. Not far from BROTHER FIRETRIBE, or even early H.E.A.T
Next title track ‘My Life, My Road’ rocks with a dry riff and a WHITE LION melody, while ‘Word’ is a very well crafted semi-ballad with pianos, synths, earthy guitars, and solid vocals from newcomer Thomas Libero. Love the solo here.

If you need a fist-in-the-air hair metal anthem then better check ‘Never (All Your Lies)’, one of the best 2017 melodic hard rock hymns for me. It has it all: a 1985 BON JOVI guitar riff / keyboard fill, punchy verses, and a stadium ready chorus complete with oh-ohs!, but very well done and arranged.
And quality continues with ‘Superstar’ (akin Mr. BIG), the feel-good ‘10.000 miles’ an uptempo rockers but adding acoustics into the mix (brings to mind some TRIXTER), and the meaty ballad ‘Little Child’, one of the highlights.

If you need more references, ‘One More Day’ mixes classic TYKETTO with a modern CRAZY LIXX, but MR. RIOT craft their own sound here – as on the entire album – and this rocker is so darn well arranged! Killer song.
‘Fly Away’ is uptempo and fun with synths alongside the sharp riff and the highly melodious verses (a little HEAVEN’S EDGE here), while ‘I’ll Be There’ is the typical – and good – acoustic song which made EXTREME super-stars.

Mr. RIOT - My Life, My Road (2017) inside

For the end, the band reserved a modern AOR / metallic track in ‘Here I Am’, with lots of harmony vocals provided by friends such as Marco Basile (Mind Key), and where Simone Mularoni (Sunstorm, Place Vendome) delivers a scorching solo.

As said, it’s a real shame that this band no longer exists. Listening to “My Life, My Road” I assure you MR. RIOT were ready for the major leagues.
There’s really well crafted songs in the melodic hard rock mold, but adding a ‘special touch’ in the instrumentation that makes the album even more palatable, without losing its catchiness and melody.
Production is top notch, as well as the pin-point mix which provides the proper punch for these song to shine.
A killer record that deserve to be listened by all rockers out there. Don’t miss this.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – All The Promises
02 – My Life, My Road
03 – Never (All Your Lies)
04 – Word
05 – Superstar
06 – 10.000 miles
07 – Little Child
08 – One More Day
09 – Fly Away
10 – I’ll Be There
11 – Here I Am

Thomas Libero – lead vocals
Mario Nappi – guitar, keyboards
Angelo Armento – guitar, backing vocals
Denny Riot – drums, backing vocals
Andrea Buratto (Hell In The Club) – bass
Giacomo Facciotti – violin on “Word”
Chiara Facciotti – backing vocals
Marco Basile (Mind Key) – guest vocals on “Here I Am”
Simone Mularoni (Sunstorm) – guest guitar on “Here I Am”



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