MORIAH – Moriah EP + Mirror Man [2-CD digitally remastered reissue]

MORIAH - Moriah EP + Mirror Man [2-CD digitally remastered reissue] (2016) full

Easily among of the best US Melodic Hard Rock indie releases from the beginning of the ’90s, both MORIAH albums “Moriah EP” & “Mirror Man” have been digitally remastered & released by the band themselves in a 2-CD set.

Formed in 1986 Moriah soon became very popular in the upstate NY region during the late ’80s / early ’90s. In 1991 the band released a self-titled 5 song EP, including the power ballad ‘Sun Always Shines’ which soon became a staple for local airplay in Rochester, NY, and wound up on the stations top 50 most requested songs of that year.

But Moriah main sound was the US Melodic Hard Rock style so popular in the era, influenced by Night Ranger, XYZ, Warrant, Lynch Mob and alike.
The rest of the tracks from the EP are in this style, like the punchy ‘Hit And Run’, ‘Bleeding Heart’ with subtle AOR touches, the solid midtempo ‘Billy Raise Your Guns’, and the the also midtempo but plenty of energy ‘I Need Your Love’ including lovely keyboards.

MORIAH - Moriah EP + Mirror Man [2-CD digitally remastered reissue] (2016) discs

In 1993 Moriah released the full length CD “Mirror Man”, again with a couple of singles hitting the radio and with the band gaining even more fans and touring all over the US East coast.
With more mature songwriting & arrangements, “Mirror Man” is a bit harder than its predecessor, but still melodic and catchy with great songs like ‘Money Talks’, ‘Lies’, the highly melodic ‘All Night & Day’, and another very good power ballad in ‘Dreamin’ About You’.

As many bands of this ilk, Moriah split with the change of musical climate in the US. But the band delivered these two stupendous albums which despite its indie origin were really well recorded with a high production standard.

MORIAH - Moriah EP + Mirror Man [2-CD digitally remastered reissue] (2016) back

For years out of print and with rare copies sold for over $100, now both Moriah albums are available in this remastered 2-CD set thanks to ex- band members which decided the re-release due to fans demand.
A great slice of pure late ’80s US Melodic Hard Rock. (thanks to Jody for this one!)
Very, Highly Recommended

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DISC 1: Moriah EP remastered
01 – Hit And Run
02 – Bleeding Heart
03 – Sun Always Shines
04 – Billy Raise Your Guns
05 – I Need Your Love

DISC 2: Mirror Man remastered
01 – Money Talks
02 – Mirror Man
03 – Angels & Sinners
04 – Lies
05 – Dreamin’ About You
06 – Fight For Your Life
07 – All Night & Day
08 – Nuts & Bolts
09 – Never Far From You
10 – W.A.C. (White American Child)
11 – Hidden Track

Mic Cardone: Vocals
Pete Manuel: Guitars
Curt Allen: Bass
Tom Bittner: Drums
Jeff Koza, Nick Levine: Keyboards


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