MICHAEL CRIMSON – Medusa (2017)

MICHAEL CRIMSON - Medusa (2017) full

Swedish songwriter, guitarist and singer MICHAEL CRIMSON will be releasing his debut solo album, “Medusa” on December 8th, 2017, via Gain Music Entertainment. The album is a work of musical art that honors the tradition of legendary lyrics-and-guitar-driven rock music by artists like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Queen and alike.

A self-confessed “quiet soul” from Eskilstuna in Sweden, MICHAEL CRIMSON spent his childhood living, breathing and digesting the contents of an expansive record collection.
His biography names them – Page and Plant, Gilmour, Bowie, The Doors, Queen – but really there was no need, because Medusa, the full-length debut from this singer, guitarist, writer and producer, is colourful enough to suggest that those hours of bedroom study were not wasted.

From the Queen-esque stacked vocal harmonies of opener ‘Seashell Eyes’ to the Floyd-flavoured instrumental ‘A Season In Hell’ and the husky ‘In The Winter’, the album ebbs and flows while honouring its theme of “compelling characters and captivating tales from Greek mythology”.
I hear some Zeppelin in ‘Viperine Hair’, a bit of ELO in the sweet ‘Weeping Window’, and a fine Gary Hughes-like ballad in ‘What Would You Say’.
An opening statement this eloquent and absorbing does Michael Crimson enormous credit. A bigger still long-term challenge will, of course, be whether or not he equals or even manages to surpass it.

The 10 tracks reveal a skillful, subtle guitarist and a solid singer, with each song revealing its merits.
“Medusa” is a very relaxed album, mostly midtempo trying to explore the melodies, all influenced by the classic acts mentioned above.
Something different, and good.

01 – Seashell Eyes
02 – The Maiden
03 – Viperine Hair
04 – The Dungeon
05 – Weeping Window
06 – The Grass of Grief
07 – Nevermore
08 – A Season in Hell
09 – In the Winter
10 – What Would You Say

Michael Crimson – Vocals, guitar
Dan Göransson – Guitar
Fredrik Hermansson – Keyboards
Dan Jisei – Bass
Lenne Lehtonen – Drums
Annie Stark – Backing vocals


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