Joe Elliott’s DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ – My Re-Generation [Frontiers Music reissue +2] (2017) [exclusive at 0dayrox]

Joe Elliott's DOWN 'N' OUTZ  - My Re-Generation [Frontiers Music reissue +2] (2017) full

Sometimes, the most interesting of projects arise from the most unusual of circumstances. “My Re-Generation” was the first life-sign of DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ, a very special collaboration between DEF LEPPARD frontman Joe Elliott and THE QUIREBOYS members (being his backing band here). Now signed to Frontiers Music, the label has re-issued the CD 2017 with the addition of 2 bonus tracks.

DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ play rare tracks connected only by the classic British band MOTT THE HOOPLE (one of DEF LEPPARD’s biggest influence), including IAN HUNTER or BRITISH LIONS material, of course.
All started when MOTT THE HOOPLE announced they were reforming some time ago for a week’s worth of shows at the Hammersmith Odeon, and Elliot was asked to participate in some form. THE QUIREBOYS were invited as well, so they decided to join and play several songs under the name ‘DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ’.

DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ supported MOTT THE HOOPLE at one of their legendary 2009 reformation shows at Hammersmith Odeon. In addition to Joe Elliott (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards), the band featured THE QUIREBOYS’ Paul Guerin (Guitar), Guy Griffin (Guitar), Keith Weir (keyboards) and Phil Martini (drums) and finally bassist Ronnie Garrity (Raw Glory).
Following a rapturous reception, the one-night project took on a life and energy of its own and an album project was born.

DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ then set about recording an album’s worth of material.
Titled “My Re-Generation” and originally released in 2010, the album was produced by Joe Elliott with co-production by Ronan McHugh, and recorded at Elliott’s own studio, Joe’s Garage, and Moor Hall studio in Bedfordshire.
Let there be no doubt of Joe Elliott’s deep love of MOTT THE HOOPLE. Who else would — or could — craft an album-length salute to the music the group made after IAN HUNTER left, rounding up highlights from Hunter’s solo albums and the much-disparaged records by Mott and the BRITISH LIONS?
Better still, who else could make a record good enough to suggest that those neglected LPs were unfairly maligned?
That’s exactly what he’s down with “My Re-Generation”.

There are a pair of familiar tunes here — the Vanda & Young classic “Good Times,” which Mott cut in 1976, and Hunter’s “England Rocks” — but for the most part Elliott excavated songs ignored by even many Mott die-hards, finding unheralded classics from the pens of Pete Overend Watts and Morgan Fisher, along with several sterling selections from Hunter.

Joe Elliott's DOWN 'N' OUTZ  - My Re-Generation [Frontiers Music reissue +2] (2017) back

The selection is first-rate but what makes “My Re-Generation” such a blast is the untrammeled enthusiasm of DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ. These guys don’t add any frills to these songs — if anything, they strip them away; the Mott songs aren’t nearly as overstuffed as those on Shouting and Pointing — they just barrel through these songs as if there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing.

On “My Re-Generation” Elliott and the guys tackled some of the best Mott related material and the results are very impressive.
The loose attitude is heard throughout the album and I’ll go as far as to say that Joe Elliott hasn’t sounded this good in years as the song selection fits his vocal range splendidly. Elliott really sells the project with his passion for the music coming through the speakers and the rest of the DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ follow suit with their flawless interpretations of these classic rock tunes.
This is a welcomed 2017 reissue by Frontiers, including two bonus tracks.
100% Rock ‘n’ Roll – Highly Recommended

01 – Golden Opportunity
02 – Storm
03 – Overnight Angels
04 – Career (No Such Thing as Rock ‘n’ Roll)
05 – England Rocks
06 – Shouting and Pointing
07 – By Tonight
08 – Apologies
09 – Who Do You Love
10 – One More Chance to Run
11 – 3000 Miles from Here
12 – Good Times
13 – The Flip Side of the Shameless Whelk
14 – By Tonight (Midnight Mix)
15 – Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding (Live)

Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Paul Guerin (The Quireboys) – Guitar
Guy Griffin (The Quireboys) – Guitar
Keith Weir (The Quireboys) – Keyboards
Phil Martini (The Quireboys) – Drums
Ronnie Garrity (Raw Glory) – Bass


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