GIDEON’S ARMY – Warriors Of Love [Legacy Edition – remastered]

GIDEON'S ARMY - Warriors Of Love [Legacy Edition] remastered full

Finally, after decades of wait, one of my most beloved ’80s underground American AOR / Melodic Hard Rock albums was released on CD for the first time ever: GIDEON’S ARMYWarriors Of Love“.
With a wonderful remastering treatment by Retroactive Records, this cult record is available in limited quantities packaged in a full color four panel Digipak CD.

Gideon’s Army was a San Francisco Bay Area based combo formed at the end of the seventies which played extensively the US west coast mostly as part of the white metal movement. Yes, Gideon’s Army was a Christian band, but they were a different beast than Stryper, Whitecross or Petra.

Their sound and style has more in common with Night Ranger, Idle Cure, Aviator, Icon, etc, combining hooky melodic guitar riffs with tons of keyboards and swirling synths over a catchy choruses baggage.
In short: “Warriors Of Love” is an awesome mid-eighties ear-candy US Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album.

With easily accessible and immediately memorable songs such as “Moment By Moment”, “Runaway” or “Backsliding Brother”, it’s a wonder why this group wasn’t signed to one of the major recording labels back in the day.
The title track itself is ‘that kind’ of power ballad that smashed the eighties radio but strikes with more energy than most of their later contemporaries. This is a strong song that demands a repeat play right after listening, and you can’t stop listening to it over and over again.

Quirky commercial poppy melodic rock melodies appear in the form of “No Fun” and “Video”, complete with drummer Jerry Anderson playing electronic Simmons drums, plenty of that kind of reverb that was the typical sound at the time, and let me tell you, I love this.

GIDEON'S ARMY - Warriors Of Love [Legacy Edition] back cover

Until now, I was used to listen “Warriors Of Love” with the scratchs of my LP vinyl record or the hiss from my wasted cassette copy almost like ‘an additional backing track noise’.
This Retroactive Records “Warriors Of Love – Legacy Edition” has brought A NEW LIFE to this wonderful album. The remaster is AWESOME, crystal clear and pristine, and now you can enjoy this great recording in all its glory.

I bet 90% of you have never heard of Gideon’s Army “Warriors Of Love”. If you are a fan of pure mid ’80s American AOR / Melodic Hard Rock, do yourself a favor and grab this gem as soon as possible.
A Collector’s item

01. Moment By Moment
02. It’s Your Love
03. Warriors Of Love
04. No Fun
05. I Know Someone
06. Runaway
07. I Know You Could See
08. Video
09. Backsliding Brother
10. Face To Face

Mark Greeves – lead & backing vocals, bass
Jerry Anderson – lead & backing vocals, drums
Doug Naruo – keyboards, synths, backing vocals
Darin Warren – guitars


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