DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ – The Further Live Adventures Of… (2017)

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Today December 1st Frontiers Records is releasing DOWN ‘N’ OUTZThe Further Live Adventures Of…“, a show recorded & filmed in Sheffield in 2014, which comes as a 2CD / 1DVD package.
For those that missed it DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ are a band fronted by DEF LEPPARD’s singer Joe Elliott and THE QUIREBOYS members whose quirk is that they only play material by bands related to the legendary MOTT THE HOPPLE.
They garnered a fair bit of publicity at the start of the decade when they released their debut album My ReGeneration back in 2010. That release was followed second studio album The Further Adventures Of… that came in 2014 and which tour is captured here.

Fast forward to 2017 and Down ‘N’ Outz have this live effort recorded in Sheffield (where else?) – and you know what? It is one of the most fun records you will hear anywhere this year.
Adding VIXEN’s Share Ross on bass (who also provides very good backing vocals), and branching out from the original MOTT THE HOPPLE related stuff to other glorious ’70s things too, this starts with ELTON JOHN’s “Funeral for A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” (and anything that starts with that simply has to be fantastic!),
‘One More Chance To Run’ by the BRITISH LIONS is gleeful, ‘Rock N’ Roll Queen’ from MOTT THE HOPPLE is proof that Ian Hunter is a genius, and ‘Drivin’ Sister’ likewise.

DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ are not just simply a ‘tribute band’. Firstly, they are brilliant musicians, second the songs they pick are a little different from the norm. ‘Whizz Kid’ for example, is not a famous song, instead you hear genuine fans / musicians paying homage and adding their own stamp to things.
“Storm” is a real treat. Sounding like THE QUIREBOYS at their absolute best, and another Mott number ‘Shouting And Pointing’ indicates it might be time to re-investigate their albums.

And so it goes. ‘Sea Diver’ is a heartfelt ballad, ‘The Journey’ is a vehicle for Keith Weir’s wonderful keyboards, ‘Who Do You Love?’ is riotous and Stonesy, and ‘Crash Street Kidds’ is as glammed up as you like, as the ever-reliable Phil Martini plays a blinder on the kit.
‘Violence’ adds some strings but still sounds like it wants to smash your face in, ‘England Rocks’ is instinctively cool, and the last song – Jimmy Barnes’ ‘Good Times’ hits the nail on the head. “We’re gonna have a good time tonight / rock n’ roll music gonna play all night.”
And to the DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ it is that simple.

When some of the finest rock musicians out there reunite to play for fun, and thanks (mainly) to Ian Hunter the songs are as good as these, then the results need to be as ebullient as this.
The songs in “The Further Live Adventures Of…” sound much better in this live context than on the 2014 studio recording, energetic and vital.
DOWN ‘N’ OUTZ are pure Classic Rock, and they’re darn good at it.

01 – Funeral for a Friend Love Lies Bleeding (Live)
02 – One More Chance to Run (Live)
03 – Rock and Roll Queen (Live)
04 – Drivin’ Sister (Live)
05 – Whizz Kid (Live)
06 – Storm (Live)
07 – Overnight Angels (Live)
08 – One of the Boys (Live)
09 – Shouting and Pointing (Live)
10 – Sea Diver (Live)
11 – The Journey (Live)
12 – Who Do You Love (Live)
13 – Crash Street Kidds (Live)
14 – Violence (Live)
15 – England Rocks (Live)
16 – Good Times (Live)

Joe Elliott (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Paul Guerin (guitar)
Guy Griffin (guitar)
Keith Weir (keyboards)
Phil Martini (drums)
Share Ross (bass, backing vocals)


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