Best ‘Comeback album’ 2017, #5 : STEPHEN PEARCY – Smash (2017)

STEPHEN PEARCY - Smash (2017) full

Near the end of the year, it’s time to recap about the best 2017 releases, by category.
For 0dayrox, slot #5 of Best ‘Comeback album’ of the year goes to STEPHEN PEARCY‘s “Smash“. The former RATT front man feels revitalised and sounding as good as ever.

Best known as the original vocalist and founding member of the platinum rock band Ratt, Pearcy has been working hard to complete his highly anticipated fourth solo album, while at the same time keeping busy performing shows across the U.S.

Stephen is also a producer, composer, television program creator, art director, marketing director, owner / product creator of “Mic Knuckles” (hands-free mic holder) and has also been involved in recording songs for TV and Movies and ESPN2 NHRA Drag Racing Series over the years.
Additionally, he has been involved in sponsoring several top fuel dragsters and funny cars since the mid ’80s-90s thru the 2000’s.

“Smash” has the typical Ratt’s musical imprint and it’s easily cool to the ear for every Pearcy fan, myself included. The whole album is an adrenaline condensed that lay bears this great vocalist and good frontman, giving us extraordinary rockin’ songs.
Voices and grit aren’t changed as time went on, he still the same guy I’ve known from Ratt’s music, his style still the same and and I love it.
Powerfully sung and played, “Smash” is the album old fans waited for.

The first track, “I Know I’m Crazy” is a hypnotic rock song that involves us with it’s music vortex, great guitar riff, and Stephen’s voice. “Ten Miles Away” is the first very scrappy track, strong guitars, right drums cadence and the proof that Mr. Pearcy still a really screamer.
“Shut Down Baby” is on the same line of the previous track with a little more swagger, while “Dead Roses” is definitely heavier, great shot.
“Lollipop” starts with brilliant drums and is the most Ratt like style, a good refrain.

“Hit Me With A Bullet” is another arrow target of this album, so good, so hard rock and old style in some point.
“Rain” is an enthralling track, another old style echoes in this well-done piece. Just another great hard rock in “Want Too Much” where Stephen’s vocalizations are mixed in perfect style with the other instruments.
There’s a little southwestern sound in the beautiful “What Do Ya Think” , pure American sound. Returning to the hard rock style there’s the massive “Jamie”.

STEPHEN PEARCY - Smash (2017) back

“I Can’t Take It” (Album Version), wow, this’s exactly the perfect mainstream rock song we can expect by Stephen Pearcy, another hit that we’ll make us scream at his future shows, a very cool and fresh track for this incredible album.
A little different is “Passion Infinity” but it permeates of positive energy and the rough voice of Stephen. The semi-ballad “Summers End” close the album blending powerful melodies mixed with Stephen’s melodic performance, a very brilliant melodic hard rock piece.

It’s a pleasure to listen to Stephen Pearcy and to know he is back and in good shape, his unmistakable hard rock style and all the gumption he still having.
This album takes me back to the past but with all the new fresh areas that an artist like him can do, all his fans will be happy about it.
Thank you Mr. Pearcy for keeping the true ’80s hard rock swagger alive.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. I Know I’m Crazy
02. Ten Miles Wide
03. Shut Down Baby
04. Dead Roses
05. Lollipop
06. Hit Me with a Bullet
07. Rain
08. Want Too Much
09. What Do Ya Think
10. Jamie
11. I Can’t Take It (2017)
12. Passion Infinity
13. Summers End

Stephen E. Pearcy – Lead Vocals
Erik Ferentinos – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Back-up Vocals
Greg D’Angelo – Drums, Percussion
Matt Thorne – Bass Guitar
Chris Hager – Guitars, Lead Guitars on track #3


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