Best AOR album 2017, #4 : JIM JIDHED – Push On Through (2017)

JIM JIDHED - Push On Through (2017) full

Near the end of the year, it’s time to recap about the best 2017 releases, by category.
This is one of my favorites, deserving a place in the top 5.

JIM JIDHED, the singer of AOR Gods ALIEN during their glorious days, released his 6th solo album “Push On Through” via AOR Heaven Records.
“Push On Through” is a more rocking, punchy AOR album than Jim previous ones, helped by excellent musicians such as Michael Palace (guitar) and famed producer Daniel Flores, who had the right vision for this album and really nails it sound wise.
Jim’s voice is stronger than ever at 53, and here all his experience, feeling, heart and soul come together in a very powerful way.

Jim Jidhed is a well known name in the Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR genre, the singer from Alien and, in my opinion, the best AOR voice Scandinavia has ever had.
Jim’s vocals are even better now almost 30 years after Alien’s debut, the man’s voice is simply incredible, maybe one of the best in the Rock world.

“Push On Through” is Jim’s 3rd solo record where he sings in English, he has released a couple in Swedish language. The first one (1990) simply called Jim. The second, Full Circle, appeared in 2003 and it was a highlight of that year, a truly wonderful record.
But I think it’s safe to say that “Push On Through” is Jidhed’s best album ever…

This time Jim got hooked up with producer Daniel Flores, and started to shape the album’s sound last year. Together with outside songwriters (one of them being talented Philip Lindstrand wh collaborated with Find Me) they wrote these 11 songs, most of them true gems in the AOR / MR field.
‘Glorious’ is the first song, and makes justice to its title. It’s the heaviest song Jim has ever sung on, and rocks with emotion driven by crunchy guitars. The title tracks is up next, a more traditional AOR song featuring superb vocals.

‘If We Call It Love’ follows, and now we’re talking… a phenomenal song in every sense, my favourite track on the record, and for sure, one of the best of the year!
The midtempo ‘Waiting For Summer’ is simply marvellous, while ‘The First Time’ is a terrific ballad where Jim’s vocals are just stunning.

JIM JIDHED - Push On Through (2017) back

The remaining six tracks are all really good as well, but I have to mention two highlights; ‘Too Many Words’ and ‘One Breath Away’.
The first one is a fantastic smooth ballad, with great lyrics and vocals of the highest order performed in a way that only the great Jim Jidhed can do. The latter is a more uptempo song with brilliant guitar playing, dynamic verses and a chorus to die for.

‘The Swedish AOR Voice’ has returned in full form with “Push On Through”.
Jim Jidhed needed an album like this, and we needed an album like this from him; full of nerve, melodic rock punch, superb AOR moments and emotional vocals (perhaps the best of his career) from this gifted, talented singer.

01 – Glorious
02 – Push on Through
03 – If We Call It Love
04 – Waiting for Summer
05 – First Time
06 – One Breathe
07 – Too Many Words
08 – Next in Line
09 – Drowning
10 – Love Was Waiting
11 – It Is What It Is

Jim Jidhed (vocals)
Michael Palace (guitar)
Philip Lindstrand (guitar)
Ken Sandin (bass)
Daniel Flores (drums, keyboards)


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