BAD RADIATOR – IV (2017) [0dayrox exclusive]

BAD RADIATOR - IV (2017) [exclusive] full

This blog favorites BAD RADIATOR are back with their fourth effort simply titled “IV“, presented in exclusive world premiere here. Again, these Swedes deliver a delectable collection of 10 fresh melodic songs meticulously crafted with their usual Scandinavian class.
Their way of mixing Melodic Rock, AOR, rock&pop and even some Westcoast elements is pretty unique.

If you are new to BAD RADIATOR, you’re missing a really good band. But some of you probably know that these guys emanate from the well-known band GRACE back in the ’80s, which rose some popularity in Europe with the single ‘Ingen Kan Alska Som Vi’ (No One Can Love As Do) used in the Swedish movie of the same name from 1988.
“IV” showcases BAD RADIATOR’s refined songwriting with a clever and effective formula; short songs adorned with superb melodies, nice hooks, breezy harmonies and quite catchy moments.

There’s an instantly TERRA NOVA-like melody and riff on opener ‘Finish What You Started’ – also akin Terra Nova’s Fred Hendrix side project AQUILA – then ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ mixes an AORish midtempo pace with a MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK feel.
‘I Could Have Been Happy’ is one of my favorites reminiscent of RADIO SILENCE, and ‘Heartbeat’ sports an elegant melody and an elaborated poppy riff with some CUTTING CREW (remember them?).

BAD RADIATOR - IV (2017) disc

Next there’s a couple of numbers which are highlights for me: ‘Waiting For You’ is a song of which STAGE DOLLS would be proud of (sweet harmonies all over), followed by ‘Tell Me’, a tune arranged with a certain ’80s Canadian feel in the HONEYMOON SUITE vein.

“Learn to Let It Go” is the ballad, where BAD RADIATOR’s Westcoast touch emerge, but not in the L.A. style but European. Think FINGERPRINTS or STREET TALK.
‘Gonna Be the One’ delivers more melodic rock sweetness, light and uplifting, while ‘Save Me’ ends the record in a midtempo AOR mood, a track that I find pretty Americanized (RICHARD MARX) circa 1989.

BAD RADIATOR - IV (2017) back

I really love BAD RADIATOR’s music, light, fresh, feel good melodies to enjoy at any environment.
On “IV”, as said, there’s Melodic Rock, AOR, rock&pop and Euro Westcoast, all blended with the band’s quite unique style. The polished to the extreme production sound is guaranteed with BAD RADIATOR, and soars.
HIGHLY Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Finish What You Started
02 – You Drive Me Crazy
03 – I Could Have Been Happy
04 – Heartbeat
05 – Waiting for You
06 – Tell Me
07 – Learn to Let It Go
08 – Lonely
09 – Gonna Be the One
10 – Save Me

Mikael Lundgren – Vocals, Keyboards
Klas Bergvall – Guitar
Roger Hansson – Drums
Jan Persson – Bass


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