ALLIES – Virtues [remastered reissue]

ALLIES - Virtues [remastered reissue] full

One of the best acts emerged from the Xian US scene during the ’80s was without a doubt ALLIES, founded by guitarist Randy Thomas when the Sweet Comfort Band (SCB) split. ALLIES gained a considerable success among secular Melodic Rock / AOR audiences with their two first albums, considered collector’s items.
Now their second recording “Virtues” has been remastered & reissued, a cult classic mid-Eighties album to treasure.

“Virtues” was one of the most crystalline productions from Elefante brothers Dino and John, who later will create truly wonderful albums for the genre.
With excellent singer Bob Carlisle behind the mic, Allies reels here a classy buch of songs plenty of elegant melodies, sharp guitars, keyboards galore and ‘that’ mid-80s reverb drum sound.
At places, ALLIES sounds like a Canadian band from the era / genre, quite pristine, clean.

There’s great AOR numbers such as the atmospheric “Hardened Hearts”, the keyboard heaven of “If You Believe”, the suit-n-tie “Jacque Remembers” (very Canadian sounding) and mid-tempo Let’s Fall in Love (All Over Again).

All is balanced by bright melodic rockers like “Harmony”, the action-movie crafted “In America” or the hi-tech infused “Runnin’ Out of Time”, and the ballads “Let’s Fall in Love All Over Again” (trademark Elefante sound) plus the classy “Somebody Told Me You Were Crying”.

ALLIES - Virtues [remastered reissue] back cover

Allie’s “Virtues” is an album that should be placed high on your list of collectibles.
It’s a pure ’80s AOR product, and this welcomed reamaster has provided a much more fuller sound and a crisp output via a lovely EQ.
HIGHLY Recommended.

01 – Hardened Hearts
02 – On With the Fight
03 – If You Believe
04 – Harmony
05 – Prayer for the Children
06 – In America
07 – Jacque Remembers
08 – Somebody Told Me You Were Crying
09 – Let’s Fall in Love (All Over Again)
10 – Runnin’ Out of Time

Bob Carlisle: lead vocals, guitars
Randy Thomas: guitars, vocals
Sam Scott: keyboards, vocals
Matthew Chapman: bass
Jim Erickson: drums
produced by John and Dino Elefante


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