ALFONZETTI – Here Comes The Night (retail CD full)

ALFONZETTI - Here Comes The Night (retail CD full)

Requested by one of you, here’s in full quality “Here Comes The Night“, perhaps the best record by awesome Swedish vocalist Matti ALFONZETTI released via AOR Heaven Records some time ago.
His first solo album is almost a decade, “Here Comes The Night” shows ALFONZETTI in the plenitude of his songwriting skills into a killer 10-song collection of Melodic Rock paradise.

Matti ALFONZETTI debuted at the end of the 80s as lead singer of Swedes BAM BAM BOYS, later he recorded with Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham band WESTERN FRONT, UK’s JAGGED EDGE, SKINTRADE, BOXER and even toured as TALISMAN’s frontman.
In 2000 Alfonzetti’s first solo album ‘Ready’ saw the light of day – and two years later the disc ‘Machine’. Following this Matti started getting into songwriting and producing for bands such as THE POODLES among others.
One new project emerged in 2007, ROAD TO RUIN, including Sampo Axelsson and Lars Chriss of LION’S SHARE.

Through all that experience ALFONZETTI perfected his skills on various instruments as well, and for this, his solo effort, he plays almost all instruments, except drums which are handled by talented Daniel Flores (FIRST SIGNAL, FIND ME) who also co-produced the record.
The really good guitar solos are provided by Marcus Jidell (EVERGREY) and Emil Fredholm (from Swedish cult melodic hard rock act FORTUNE).

In short: “Here Comes The Night” is pure Euro Melodic Rock, with a little American flavor as well in the vein of prime time BON JOVI, brimming with catchy choruses, melodic and sometime bluesy vocals, and a rather polished sound.

ALFONZETTI - Here Comes The Night - booklet

The album opens really well with the semi-midtempo “Losing You” which includes some modern AOR elements, followed the elegant title track “Here Comes The Night” focused on his vocals but featuring a long and effective guitar solo.
There’s more ‘harder’ tracks such as “I’ll Wait For You”, “Don’t Listen To Your Heart” and “Rock ‘N Roll Heart”, still retaining the Melodic Rock essence.

More AOR oriented songs are the poignant “Heartbreaker” (great range by Matti), the bluesy “Why Can’t You Love Me”, the Americanized “Lay Your Love On Me”, and the midtempo power ballad “Set Me Free”, the latter, an absolute highlight for me.
For the end, ALFONZETTI reserved the tougher track of all in the form of melodic hard rocker “I Will Never Let You Fall”, with a punchier vocal delivery driven by a strong edgy riff over a dynamic rhythm section, and including a hot solo.

“Here Comes The Night” is a fabulous Melodic (Hard) Rock / AOR record plenty of excellent songs and some memorable melodies. As a vocalist solo album, the emphasis is on the vocal department, but being ALFONZETTI / Flores producers as well, they know how to make a band sound properly, and the album feels tight and vibrant.

ALFONZETTI - Here Comes The Night (retail CD full) - back

Matti Alfonzetti has one of those warm and easy-listening voices (in the vein of Goran Edman) that perfectly fits into the classic Melodic Rock mold, but when some edge is needed, they switch like a chameleon.
“Here Comes The Night” is an album that pushes all the right buttons, a truly enjoyable record from the genre that deserve a place in your collection.
Highly Recommended

01 – Losing You
02 – Here Comes The Night
03 – I’ll Wait For You
04 – Heartbreaker
05 – Don’t Listen To Your Heart
06 – Why Can’t You Love Me
07 – Lay Your Love On Me
08 – Rock ‘N Roll Heart
09 – Set Me Free
10 – I Will Never Let You Fall

Matti Alfonzetti – all lead & backing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Daniel Flores (First Signal, Find Me) – drums, keyboards
Marcus Jidell (Evergrey) – lead guitar
Emil Fredholm (Fortune) – lead guitar


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