WARRIOR (feat. Vinnie Vincent) – Warrior (2017)

WARRIOR (feat. Vinnie Vincent) - Warrior (2017) full

The WARRIOR story starts in 1982 with the Boston based band New England, featuring keyboard player Jimmy Waldo, bassist Gary Shea and drummer Hirsh Gardner, and how their plans to record their fourth album with Todd Rundgren were scuppered when their guitarist, John Fannon, unexpectedly quit the group.

They put the word out that they required a new singer and guitarist, and as they shared management with KISS, Gene Simmons recommended an unknown Vinnie Cusano, who was then helping KISS with their “Creatures Of The Night” opus.
Although KISS liked Vinnie Cusano, it was felt that his lack of height was a hindrance to joining them as a full-time replacement for Ace Frehley.

WARRIOR (feat. Vinnie Vincent) - Warrior (2017) booklet

Vinnie sent New England a tape of his songs, and an audition was set-up. New England liked what they heard on Vinnie’s cassette so much that they decided to learn the whole set of songs in preparation for Cusano’s audition.

The four hit it off, but it was obvious that this was a new band, soon to be christened Warrior, and not just a seamless continuation of New England.

WARRIOR (feat. Vinnie Vincent) - Warrior (2017) back

Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records has collected all Warrior tapes and what we have here is a “what might have been” mini-album of previously unheard, original, classic hard rock by four respected musicians into the genre.
As well as the original six studio tracks, there’s rare five instrumental versions, plus a very rare rehearsal tape featuring Fergie Frederiksen on vocals (he would later join TOTO)

Studio Recordings (1982):
01 – Boys Gonna Rock
02 – It’s Not Pretty (Being Easy)
03 – Gypsy In Her Eyes
04 – Back On The Streets
05 – I Need Love
06 – Baby Oh Why
Instrumental Rehearsals:
07 – Betrayed
08 – Hot Nights
09 – Baby Oh Why
10 – Back On The Streets
11 – I Need Love
Rehearsals featuring Fergie Frederiksen:
12 – Back On The Streets
13 – Gypsy In Her Eyes
14 – Baby Oh Why
15 – Hot Nights
16 – Betrayed

Vinnie Vincent: guitars
Jimmy Waldo: keyboards
Gary Shea: bass
Hirsh Gardner: drums
Fergie Frederiksen: vocals (tracks 12-16)


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