VINCE DiCOLA – Angry Birds Transformers [Extended Edition Soundtrack] (2017)

VINCE DiCOLA - Angry Birds Transformers [Extended Edition Soundtrack] (2017) full

Today here’s one for ’80s movie soundtracks and synth-based music: VINCE DiCOLA‘s “Angry Birds Transformers [Extended Edition Soundtrack]“. Vincent Louis “Vince” DiCola is an American keyboardist and arranger who composed scores for iconic ’80s films such as The Transformers: The Movie, Staying Alive and Rocky IV soundtracks.
DiCola pioneered the use of sequencers on his soundtrack recording for Rocky IV, one of the first to exploit the Fairlight CMI and Synclavier II’s computer’s sequencing capabilities.

Depite of having released solo albums with a prog-rock feel and well known guests. DiCola is most known for his 1986 ‘The Transformers: The Movie’, and 1985 ‘Rocky IV’ score soundtracks, a sound which defined many rock&pop music to come during the rest of the decade.

Recently, with the success of the Angry Birds game on Facebook and various platforms, game company Rovio created ‘Angry Birds Transformers’, a new funny game. And it boasts one killer soundtrack.
You may notice that the tunes in the game sound similar to those from ‘Transformers: The Movie’ from 1986. That’s no coincidence!

Rovio teamed up with Vince DiCola, who composed the music from the 1986 animated feature, and music industry vet Kenny Meriedeth, who infused the tracks with the tasty analog synth sounds that defined the ’80s!

There’s one vocal track that indeed comes to mind Stan Bush’s type of songs, however the rest of the music here is instrumental, uptempo keyboard driven tunes with lots of electric guitar riffs / solos, and a pulsating vibe.
The game appeared a couple years ago, but this “Angry Birds Transformers [Extended Edition Soundtrack]” is being released 2017.
Pure ’80s stuff!

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Angry Birds Transformers Main Theme
02 – The Battle for Piggy Island
03 – Autobirds, Roll Out!
04 – Unstoppable Robots
05 – The Desert of the Deceptihogs
06 – Robots Chill Out
07 – Eggbot Activity Detected
08 – Dawn of a New Day
08 – No Risk, No Glory
08 – Through the Pig City
10 – Escape
11 – Battle Scene
12 – Power Plant
13 – Arcade shooter
14 – Legacy

Vince DiCola – keyboards, sequencer, piano, synths
Kenny Meriedeth – guitar, sequencer, synths, vocals



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